9 Islamic Quotes on Dajjal and How to Protect Ourselves

Islamic Quotes on Dajjal: The Dajjal is named and illustrated in the Islamic hadith, although he is never addressed in the Holy Quran. The Dajjal is believed to appear in the east, however, different texts give different details about his exact location.

Who is Dajjal?

The nature of his species is uncertain but, it is assumed by Muslim apocalyptics that he is a devil who will appear on earth in the form of a human. The prediction that Dajjal will arrive with fire and water is made in Sahih Bukhari 7130. Furthermore, what appears to be water will turn out to be fire, and fire will turn out to be cold water. So, true to his name, even his appearance shall be nothing short of deception.

Where will Dajjal Emerge?

Dajjal is traditionally predicted to arrive in either the East, probably in Khorsn, or the West. According to sailors’ tradition and the story of Sindbad the Sailor, he is rumored to reside someplace in the East Indies, on an island from which the sounds of dance and lovely music originate. A

According to the Greek Prometheus myth, Dajjal is chained to a rock on an island in the sea and will be served by demons.

Quotes on Dajjal and Duas of Protection

It is believed that the Dajjal will mimic the miracles granted to Prophet Jesus (A.S.), including healing the sick and reviving the dead, the latter of which was accomplished with the help of demons. The majority of his followers will be Jews, but he will also fool many other people, including magicians, weavers, half-castes, and the offspring of prostitutes.

Except for Mecca and Medina, he would explore the entire world, entering every city.

1 – What Prophet (P.BU.H.) said about Dajjal?

Finality of Prophethood is one of the main tenets of being a believer in Islam. The following quote is based on a hadith about dajjal’s appearance. The Holy Quran asserts that Muhammad is the “Seal of the Prophets,” which means that anybody claiming to be a new prophet after him is a false prophet. 

9 Islamic Quotes on Dajjal and How to Protect Ourselves

2 – Time of Dajjal’s Appearance

The following talks about the appearance and emergence of Dajjal. Moreover, the Holy Prophet (P.B.UH.) as per hadith, has stated that Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, the Islamic Antichrist, would be the final of these dajjals.

As per Muslim, pp. 1200, Hadees 7373, and 2943 for 40 days, Dajjaal will remain on the earth. The first few days will be equivalent to one year, the second to a month, the third to a week, and the subsequent days will be equivalent to the regular days of a year. Dajjaal will travel the world on his donkey. The donkey will be so large that the distance between his ears will be equivalent to 40 arms. His donkey will be so swift that it will travel a mile in a single step.

9 Islamic Quotes on Dajjal and How to Protect Ourselves

3 – One-Eyed Final Dajjal

It is reported by Samura ibn Jundab that the Holy Prophet (P.BU.H.) stated the following during a solar eclipse.

9 Islamic Quotes on Dajjal and How to Protect Ourselves

4 – What Will Dajjal Look Like?

He is typically said to be blind in one eye, but some people disagree whose eye this is. However, both of his eyes are said to be defective, with one being completely blind and the other bulging out of its socket. It is believed that having a damaged eye gives one greater capacity to carry out evil.

Another aspect revealed about the appearance of Dajjal, as per Sahih Bukhari 3439, 3440, is that he will have a full head of extremely curly hair. Moreover, he will have the word “Kafir written on his head, which will be easily readable but only by the believers. Various ahadith and Christian literature depict that the Dajjal will appear to be a ruddy-faced, one-eyed, plump man with curly hair.

9 Islamic Quotes on Dajjal and How to Protect Ourselves

5 – What Will Happen Before Dajjal Comes?

The Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) reported the following hadith, which describes the state of the earth.

9 Islamic Quotes on Dajjal and How to Protect Ourselves

6 – Dua for Protection From Dajjal

The Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) instructed us to memorize the first ten verses of Surah al-Kahf in order to be protected against the Antichrist. Furthermore, when reading the verses of Surah al-Kahf, we must keep in mind the life teachings included within them. The lessons we learn will help us grow in our faith.

Here are 6 Reasons to Read Surah Kahf Every Friday.

9 Islamic Quotes on Dajjal and How to Protect Ourselves

The following hadith reveals the dua which should be recited by the believers to protect themselves from the Dajjal.

9 Islamic Quotes on Dajjal and How to Protect Ourselves

7 – What Not to Do in Front of Dajjal?

In the following quote, sahabi Umm Sharik narrates that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) described what some people may do when in front of Dajjal and advised against it. Worried about Dajjaal’s misdeeds, believers will flee and take asylum in the mountain known as ‘Jabal-e-Dukhan,’ but Dajjaal will pursue them and encircle the peak where he will starve them to death until the arrival of Prophet Jesus (A.S.).

9 Islamic Quotes on Dajjal and How to Protect Ourselves

8 – Avoid This At All Costs

The scholars point out just in Surah Kahf for protection from the Dajjal is that the opening few verses tell the tale of the cave dwellers who, due to the enormity of the test, ran from it rather than confronting that evil. In various hadith, it is suggested by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) to avoid such an act which is also supported by the following hadith.

9 Islamic Quotes on Dajjal and How to Protect Ourselves

9 – Dajjal’s End

It is narrated by Abu Huraira that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) stated the following.

9 Islamic Quotes on Dajjal and How to Protect Ourselves

You should also memorize these Powerful Duas Against Shaitan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Surah is for protection from evil?

Verses 68:51-52 in the Holy Quran as considered The Verse of Evil Eye. It is typically chanted to ward off bad luck.

Q. Who is father of Dajjal?

Saf ibn Sayyad is also known as Abdullah ibn Sa’id and is referred to as the father of Dajjal. He was a claimant of Prophethood while being a disguised allusion to Ad-Dajjal

Q. Who has seen Dajjal?

A friend of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), Tamim bin Aws ad-Dari is known for having encountered the Dajjal while on one of his voyages.

Q. What is the name of Dajjal in English?

The Arabic word dajjal means “deceiver.” Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal is a devilish false prophet who, according to Islamic theology, would attempt to entice people into following Shaytan by appearing on earth. Imam Mahdi or Jesus (A.S.) are thought to then annihilate him.

Q. Do Sunnis believe in Imam Mahdi?

Shi’a theology places a high priority on the idea of the Mahdi, although many Sunni Muslims also think that he would appear at the end of time to bring about justice and peace.


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