4 Qul In Islam: Importance & Benefits of Reciting the 4 Qul

The 4 qul in Islam: The Holy Quran holds great significance for every Muslim. The Book contains the word of God. The conversation between the creator and the creation. That conversation composes the Surahs, a source of guidance that heals its readers.

One of the most frequently read Surahs includes the four Quls. These Quls not only offer benefits to its reader but add to their spirituality.

What Is The Importance Of 4 Quls?

The 4 Quls are four foundational chapters of the Holy Quran. Each chapter contains a Surah with a different interpretation. All four chapters start with one word that is “Qul,” translated as “Say.” The Holy Prophet PBUH instructed his followers to recite the beautiful verses frequently.

4 Qul In Islam: Importance & Benefits of Reciting the 4 Qul  

The purpose behind reading the for Quls is to seek protection from Allah. The 4 Quls contain the following 4 Surahs:

The First Qul

The First Qul is Surah Ikhlas, chapter 112 of the Holy Quran. The title translates as fidelity representing the sincerity or commitment of the believer. The Qul has four Surahs. Reciting Surah Ikhlas stands equivalent to reciting 1/3rd of the Quran. The Prophet held this Surah as a special one and repeated it 200 times a day. The Surah has a brief length and a clear message. The message of Tauheed or Oneness of God. That God is the first and the Last. This beautiful revelation is a source of rejuvenating one’s Iman. And a negation of the polytheistic beliefs.

The revelated was bestowed upon the Prophet PBUH when a Jew asked him for God’s description. To which he stayed quiet at first. And when Gabriel revealed the Surah, the Prophet PBUH eloquently recited it to the Jew.  These verses validate the purity of a believer as he confesses to the Oneness of Allah.

4 Qul In Islam: Importance & Benefits of Reciting the 4 Qul  

The Second Qul:

Surah Kafiroon in the second Qul is the 109th Chapter of the Holy Quran. There are six Ayats in this Qul. The title of the Surah translates as non-Believer. Reciting this particular chapter is equivalent to reciting a Quarter of the Quran. The theme of it is to point out a plan of action for believers. The Surah mentions the perceptions of non-believers. And warn Muslims of how they should stir clear of it. How certain acts are harmful to a Muslim’s Iman.

Allah revealed the Surah upon the Prophet PBUH when he was preaching Islam in Mecca. He received opposition to his message. To address this behavior of non-Muslim, Allah revealed Surah Kafiroon to call out actions of the ignorant. The revelation validated the Prophet’s action. Furthermore, it gave a thorough description of how a non-believer is to react to the message of God.

4 Qul In Islam: Importance & Benefits of Reciting the 4 Qul

The Third Qul

The third Qul comprises Surah Falaq, the second-largest Surah of the Quran. There are five verses in the Surah put together as chapter 113th of the Holy Quran. The name is in the first verse of Surah Al Falaq, meaning dawn or daybreak. The use of the scientific phenomena of sunrise represents the all-encompassing nature of the Holy Quran.

The theme of Surah Falaq revolves around seeking Allah’s refugee from all evil. The word “Muawwidhatayn” represents this essence and is used to refer to this chapter. The term is used for the third and fourth Qul, emphasizing the need to read them together. The Prophet emphasized the recitation of Surah Falaq to seek Allah’s guidance. He prohibited any spells or enchantments and held this Surah as a solution to all problems.

The Fourth Qul

Surah Al-Nas, fourth Qul, is the last chapter of the Holy Quran. The 114th chapter has six Ayahs, which conclude the message of God. Surah Al-Nas has the same theme as the previous Qul. To seek refugee from evil. However, it is from the evil whispers. The Surah highlights the temptations that mislead the believer. Reciting the Surah is an act of seeking protection from these devilish acts.

This Surah addresses the supernatural entities which Allah had created before humans. If an incident were to occur, God would reiterate Surah Al-Nas to his Prophet so he could seek protection. Furthermore, the name Al-Nas means “mankind,” which grants the Surah a universal nature.

4 Qul In Islam: Importance & Benefits of Reciting the 4 Qul

Benefits Of Reciting The 4 Qul:

By reading the 4 Quls together, a believer submits himself to the protection of God. Each Qul works as a protection charm. When read together, Muslims are safe from every calamity.

4 – Spiritual Healing And Wisdom

Surah Ikhlas Ikhlas benefits the reciter by increasing their wisdom. The magnificence of it is in the spiritual healing and the satisfaction of heart it can offer. Additionally, the Surah improves mental health and makes one happy. When the believer recites these verses before bedtime, it protects them from nightmares. The Holy Prophet PBUH read it every time before going to sleep and called it the key to paradise.

3 – Protection From Shirk And Adversity

Surah Kafiroon offers protection against Shirk. The beautiful verses heal the heart of the believer by ending jealousy and enhancing love for others. Not only does it protect the reciter from sins, but it diminishes the need for lying. If a believer recites it before death, they receive martyrdom. The Surah brings water to whoever’s thirsty, food to those hungry, and peace to those scared. You can learn more about this from our previous post on Things to Know About Shirk.

2 – Protection From The Unseen And Cure For Depression

Surah Falaq protects believers from the invisible creation of God. To seek protection from the evil conspiracies of Jins, one must recite Surah Falaq. Surah Falaq also cures fevers and fatal illnesses. The recitation of it heals depression and anxiety. Lastly, it protects all from natural calamities, positions animals, widespread diseases, and Satan’s descendants. Here are some more Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety.

1 – A Barrier To Black Magic And Evil Eye

Surah Al-Nas is a beautiful Surah that protects believers from black magic. The Prophet PUBH is soon to recite it himself to evade the effects of a spell. Continuous recitation guards the human soul against evil influences that injure his health, peace, and happiness. The Surah also grants protection from the evil eye that impacts a person’s spiritual or material blessings.

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