30+ Imam Ghazali’s Quotes That Every Muslim Should Know

Imam Ghazali’s Quotes. Anyone who has been known as the most influential Muslim after Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is none other than Imam Ghazali. He has been awarded by the name of Hujjat-al-Islam (The Proof of Islam), Zain-Al-Abid (The Ornament of Faith) and Mujaddid (Renewer of Religion).

He has given such reputation due to his undebatable intellectual work and philosophies about Allah and Islam. He has written about 70 masterpieces in the form of books about science, Islamic philosophies and Sufism named as Incoherence of the Philosophers, The Revival of Religious Science, The Jerusalem Tract, The Beginning of Guidance and many more. Imam Hamid Al-Ghazali was a great Islamic scholar who has been called as a Polymath having mastership on subjects like jurisprudence, theology, mysticism, and philosophy.

Must-Read Inspirational Islamic Sayings of Imam Ghazali

We have cataloged 30+ Islamic inspirational quotes of Imam Ghazali that are about knowledge, Almighty Allah, self-reflection, positivity, friendship and good character.

Imam Ghazali’s Quotes

↓ 1- Commands Of Almighty Allah Explained

Commands Of Almighty Allah

↓ 2 – Find Your Inner Self

Inner Self Discovery

↓ 3 – Don’t Waste Your Time

Give Value To Time

↓ 4- Rectification of Yourself

A sin done under supervision or on orders of someone more superior will still be called as a sin and the sinner will be punished on the Day of Judgement. Here are 35 Islamic Quotes About Greed.

Sins and Sinners

↓ 5 – Eliminate Biases

Try to overcome any favoritism that you may award others on the basis of Gender, religion, color or caste. Any biases given on the basis of the criteria other than piousness is highly disliked in our religion Islam.


↓ 6 – Give Right Preference

Always prefer to return evil with goodness. While meeting others, always try to meet and greet them with love, care and kindness no matter how others have behaved.

Right Thoughts

↓ 7 – Actionable Thoughts

Knowledge is a complete wastage without actionable objectives that have positive impact on yours and others lives.

Right Knowledge

↓ 8 – Blessings of Friday

Friday is a day full of uncountable blessings that Allah showers us on every week. Imam Ghazali has explained benefits and blessings of Friday in such a way that you won’t find it easy to skip your Friday prayers not only this week but on every week coming ahead.

Friday Blessings

↓ 9 – Always Do Justice

One of the significant sign of a sincere person is that his public and private life would not be having any differences. He always decides the important matters in his life by doing justice.


↓ 10 – Seashells and Pearls

Here is the Imam Ghazali’s quote that will inspire you to live a life full of goodness and prosperity. Don’t miss out these 30 Inspiring Islamic Quotes on Education / Knowledge /Study.


↓ 11 – Real Good Friend Redefined

Having problems in identifying who is your real friend? Failing to differentiate between a friend and an enemy present in your social circle? Imam Ghazali has advised the formula of identifying right person at the right time.

Real friend

↓ 12 – Al – Muhaymin

The meaning of Al-Muhaymin is defined as:

Allah's will

↓ 13 – Al- Mumin

The meaning of Al-Mumin is defined as:


↓ 14 – The Most Difficult Soul

Have you encounter difficulty in communicating to others? But have you tried answering you own soul. Do give a try to talk to your soul and we bet you won’t anyone more difficult than your own soul in many ways.

Difficult Soul

↓ 15 – Destiny Will Find Its Way

Anything that has been purposed to reach to you will reach to you by any means no matter how much thousands of miles your desire has been located if it is meant to be delivered to you, it will find its own way to get to your way. You just to pray and be patient.


↓ 16 – Reward of Being Patient

There are multiple rewards being promised by Almighty Allah to His believers who will remain patient in hardships. The best way of being patient in hard and rainy days is to keep praying to Allah every time you feel you are about to break down.

Reward of patience

↓ 17 – Have a Good Control on Your Tongue

Our tongue is one of the most flexible and softest part of our bodies but we have to put control on your words by analyzing and verifying each and every word mentally before speaking.

Tongue control

↓ 18 – Overlook Faults of Others

Don’t try to insult others by searching their faults and highlighting their mistakes in front of everyone else. Highlighting mistakes in the public will not in any way help the person to correct his faults but he will have invoked rebellious behavior in himself.

faults of others

↓ 19 – Obtain Actionable Knowledge

Having tons of knowledge without doing anything positive in your life is a complete drainage of your knowledge and skills. Acquiring knowledge and then advising and doing beneficial acts should be preferred.


↓ 20 – Be Obedient to Almighty Allah

Always obey Allah, teachings of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and preaching described in Holy Quran. Here are 50 Islamic Quotes about Success with Images.

obedience to Allah

↓ 21 – As- Salam

The meaning of As-Salam is described below:


↓ 22 – Al – Malik

The meaning of Al-Malik is written here.


↓ 23 – Ar-Rehman and Ar-Raheem

The detailed philosophy of Ar-Rehman and Ar-Raheem is highlighted and explained below.


↓ 24 – In the Name of Allah

Everything starts with the name of Almighty Allah and gets succeed and failed by Allah’s command only. We must always put our full trust on Lord before and during performing any task that we are designated to do in this temporary world so that we can get success on the day of judgement and hereafter.


↓ 25 – Al – Quddus

The meaning of Al-Quddus has been made crystal clear and is defined below. Do have a look at these 50 Best Islamic Quotes About Namaz Prayers with Images.


↓ 26 – Desires Makes Slaves While Patience Makes Kings

Try not to be a desire of your desires as high desires will only make you a slave and you will start losing your worth. Have patience and be thankful to Allah whatever you get.


↓ 27 – Be Wise and Speak Wisdom Only

It is better to remain silent rather than talking something nonsense. Have enough knowledge and wisdom before speaking to the public. Your words should be like pearls and should not be wasted or useless.


↓ 28 – Do What Has Been Advised To You

Advising others is easy but acting on the advise has always been very difficult. Overcome the difficulties and try to act first on whatever you have been advising others and try to be a role model for others.

Islamic Sayings

↓ 29 – Concept of Corruption In Religion

Islamic Quotes


↓ 30 – Firm Faith

Imam Ghazali’s Quotes with images

↓ 31 – Make Dua for Your Muslim Brother

Imam Ghazali’s Quotes

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