7 Biggest Miracles of Prophets of Islam

The miracles performed by Allah The Almighty were miracles performed by His Prophets, which are remarkable occurrences that are typically of the same kind that the Prophet’s people performed miracles.

Below is a list of some of the wonders that some of the Prophets performed, Allah bless them for mentioning them:

1 – Prophet Muhammad’s  ﷺ Miracle of the Moon Splitting

When the infidels asked the Prophet ﷺ to do something miraculous, he pointed to the moon, and by Allah’s almighty will, it split in two.

7 Biggest Miracles of Prophets of Islam  

After a period of time, it returned to its original form. Even though the disbelievers witnessed the event as clearly as crystal, they still did not believe it and called the Prophet ﷺ a sorcerer.

2 – The Miracle of Water Flowing From The Prophet Muhammad’s Hands

On the day of Al-Hudaibiya (Treaty), the Prophet ﷺ asked the people what was wrong with them, and they said that they did not have any water to drink or to use for ablution.

He then put his hand in the pot of water, and water began to flow out of his fingers as if from a spring.

They all (1500 people) drank and did their ablution from that water.

Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 3576
In-book reference : Book 61, Hadith 85

3 – The Miracle of Prophet Saalih

The Prophet Saalih was sent by Allah The Almighty to his people to tell them to only worship Allah The Almighty and not to associate with anyone else.

He was asked to bring proof of what he said, and Allah The Almighty backed him up by granting him a miracle. He made a special she-camel to appear from among the rocks in the mountains.

Some of the people believed him, but most of them did not and wanted to kill the she camel. Prophet Salih cautioned them saying (what does it mean):

7 Biggest Miracles of Prophets of Islam  

4 – The Staff that Could Split the Sea

This is one of Prophet Moosa’s most famous miracles. It all started when Pharaoh became angry because the Children of Israel had followed Prophet Moosa’s and were going to the Holy Land from Egypt. Pharaoh and his soldiers followed Prophet Moosa’s caravan to the Red Sea.

Then, in a moment of desperation, Allah told Prophet Moosa to throw his staff into the Red Sea. By Allah’s power, Prophet Moosa’s staff split the sea and Prophet Moos’s followers were able to make it across.

Meanwhile, Pharaoh’s army was still on the shore and they tried to pursue Prophet Moosa’s group with the sea creating cliffs on either side of them. However, Allah’s will was that the sea closed back on them, and Pharaoh and his army were caught in the middle.

As a result, Pharaoh’s group was drowned in the center of the Red Sea while Prophet Moosa’s party made it to the eastern side.

5 – Prophet Moosa (AS) Turning the Stick into a Snake

Prophet Moosa (AS) went to the castle of the Firaun (Pharaoh) to ask him to convert to Islam and end the slavery of the people in Bani Israel, but the Firawn refused the invitation and accused him of magic.

To prove his point, he invited the best sorcerers of his country to compete with him. The people in the courtyard were gathered, the Pharaoh was sitting on the throne, the sorcerers were on one side of the crowd, and the Prophet Moosa (AS) was on the other side facing them.

The Messenger of Allah (SWT) humbly gave them the first opportunity to show their skills. The famous Egyptian sorcerers cast some ropes and began to move them like snakes.

Prophet Moosa (AS) cast his stick on the ground and it magically transformed into a giant snake which crawled forward and devoured all the snakes the sorcerers had made. The sorcerers were taken aback because they knew that this was more than magic; this was a miracle of God.

7 Biggest Miracles of Prophets of Islam  

6 – Prophet Abraham (AS) and the Fire 

When Prophet Abraham was preaching Allah’s (God’s) message to the people, he warned them not to use wooden and stone idols as false gods. He said that these idols cannot help them in any way, so one day while they were at a festival, he smashed their idols.

They were angry, so they decided to burn Abraham in the largest fire they could make. All the people were told to gather wood for their gods.

The sick women promised to give as much wood as they could if they were healed, so they collected wood for a few days. They dug a big pit and filled it with wood and set fire to it. They took a catapult with them and tied Abraham’s hands and feet to the catapult. 

The fire was ready, and the flames reached the sky. Because of the heat, the chief priest ordered Abraham to be cast in the fire. The angel Gabriel came to Abraham and asked him, “Abraham, do you want something?” 

Abraham said, “Nothing from me.”

They fired the catapult at the fire, and Abraham fell into the fire like a man descending stairs in a cold garden.  

The fire obeyed Allah’s will, and became cold and safe for Abraham, burning only his bonds.

He sat in the middle of the fire, as if in a garden, and he praised Allah the Almighty. His heart was full of love for Allah, and there was no room for fear, awe or worry in his heart. It was full of love.

6 – Prophet Abraham (AS) Asking Allah about the Resurrection

Prophet Abraham (AS) was filled with peace, love and certainty about life after death. One day, Abraham (AS) asks Allah how the dead will return on The Day of Judgement.

Allah tells him to take 4 birds, cut them into pieces, and mix the bodies together. Then, he divides the mixture into 4 parts and places each part on top of 4 hills.

He tells Prophet Abraham (AS) to call the birds back by Allah’s name. As soon as the birds are put back together, they come back alive. Allah revealed this in the Quran.

7 Biggest Miracles of Prophets of Islam  

7 – Prophet  ﷺ Famous Story of Isra’ Mi’raj

Isra’ Mi’raj is a story that is familiar to all Muslims. This miracle took place at the time when the Prophet ﷺ was going through a difficult period in his life. It was also known as the year of sorrw or ‘am al-huzun.

The night journey and ascension begins with Prophet Muhammad ﷺ travelling with the Angel Jibril, Peace be upon him, on a heavenly creation called al Buraq to Masjid al-Aqsa, in Jerusalem.

Upon reaching Masjid al-Aqsa, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ led all of the earlier Prophets, peace be upon them all, in prayer. 

When he finally got to the top of the sky, he was welcomed into the presence of Allah the Great, and he was the only one who could pass through the boundary of Sidratul Muhammed. It’s said that no one has ever passed through it before.

Here, he was given a Divine Order for the faithful to start doing their daily prayers. He kept asking Allah the Great for fewer and fewer mandatory prayers, and eventually, the number of mandatory prayers was lowered to five.

After being given this order by Allah the Great, he stopped asking for more prayers and started doing five daily prayers.

Today, Muslims still do five daily prayers to Allah the Great, from mosques, houses, and many other places where they can be seen.

Summing up

The purpose of these miracles is to strengthen the faith of the believers and to serve as proof of the truthfulness of the prophet’s message. The Quran emphasizes that the miracles were not performed for the sake of showmanship or to compete with the abilities of magicians or sorcerers. Instead, they were signs of divine support and confirmation of the prophethood.

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