Spiritual Role of Muslim Women – 10 Women who Inspired Islam

Spiritual role of Muslim women: Islam is a versatile religion, covering all topics of life. Many prominent personalities have played essential roles in Islam. Many of these great women did a lot for Islam and inspired many Muslims to date.  

Who Were The Most Important Muslim Women?

In our last post, we talked about the Most Influential Women in Islamic History. Today, we will throw light on the spiritual role of women in Islam. We are fortunate to have many Muslim role models who are heroes for Ummah of all ages.

The character and wisdom of these women should be read out to young Muslim girls so they have a role model in today’s world where much of the youth is in a dilemma regarding their identity.

Knowing these Muslim heroes will give them confidence and guidance, InshaAllah.

1 – Maryam Bint Imran

Hazrat Maryam (AAS), is one of the few women whose name has been mentioned in the Quran. Also known as Virgin Mary, she has the honor of giving birth to Prophet Isa AAS. During her youth, she dedicated herself to the worship of Allah (SWT).

As Maryam (AAS) was growing up, she spent a lot of time in worship. She was secluded in her private prayer room (Mehrab). Her uncle Zakariyya (as) was impressed that there was always food in the room.

Her level of Taqwa can be determined from the fact that when Angel Jibrael AAS came to her with news of a baby boy, she immediately said: ‘Indeed, I seek refuge in the Most Gracious from you, [so leave me], if you fear Allah’.

Spiritual Role of Muslim Women – 10 Women who Inspired Islam

She had a strong faith in Allah and his plans and so bravely faced the situation on carrying and delivering a baby boy, Prophet Isa AAS. Due to all these virtues, Allah has placed her in such high ranks.

2 – Hazrat Khadija (RAA)

Khadija bint al-Khuwaylid was the Prophet’s (PBUH) first wife. She was 40 at the time and twice widowed when she married the Prophet (PBUH). 

Hazrat Khadija was a wealthy woman. When the Prophet (PBUH) did not have wordy wealth, she supported him with her collection, setting an example for all future generations. 

Along with monetary support, Hazrat Khadija was also there in times of emotional need. The Prophet (PBUH) was scared when the first revelation was revealed. Hazrat Khadija supported him and, despite what the unbelievers said, believed every word he said. She was the first woman convert.  

Hazrat Khadija RAA is an exceptional example for women to support and stand with their husbands in times of need. You can learn more here about all the Wives Of The Prophet Muhammad And Their Beautiful Qualities

Spiritual Role of Muslim Women – 10 Women who Inspired Islam

3 – Hazrat Aisha RAA: 

After the demise of Hazrat Khadija RAA, one of the wives of the Prophet (PBUH) was Aisha Bint Abu Bakr. 

Hazrat Aisha RAA was the young wife of the Prophet (PBUH). She was extremely pious and intelligent. It is said that she recorded over 2000 traditions and other scholars used to consult her for confirmation.  

Hazrat Aisha RAA was playful with the Prophet (PBUH) due to her young age but she was also very helpful in battles. She would tend to the wounds and take women with her to the battles the Prophet (PBUH) fought with the unbelievers.  

Hazrat Aisha’s RAA steadfast behavior and constant commitment to standing by the Prophet (PBUH) act as a great example for women.  

Here are some of the most important quotes by Hazrat Ayesha.

4 – Asiyah Bint Muzahim

Asiyah AAS convinced her cruel husband Pharaoh to adopt Prophet Musa AAS when she found him as an infant at River Nile. She was brave and righteous in spite of the surrounding she was living in.

She was a kind and God-fearing lady. She asked Pharaoh not to kill Musa AAS as at that time infanticide was Pharaoh’s law. Pharaoh boasted himself of being a God, still, her faith was unshaken and so is mentioned in Quran with such honorable words.

Spiritual Role of Muslim Women – 10 Women who Inspired Islam

Asiyah AAS had every worldly privilege one could ask for: a husband who had great power, wealth and fame, yet her priority was to please Allah SWT and so she is an example for the entire Muslim Ummah. Due to all this, she has been named as a woman of Paradise.

5 – Hazrat Fatima RA: 

Hazrat Fatima RAA was the daughter of the Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Khadija RAA . She was the only daughter of the Prophet (PBUH) who lived to see the great events which happened in the Prophet’s (PBUH) life. 

Hazrat Fatima RAA and the Prophet (PBUH) shared a great bond. He would pass by her house every morning while going to pray, and used to say his salutations to her. When the Quraish were torturing the Prophet (PBUH) to give up the word of Allah, they would throw dirt and impure substances on him. Hazrat Fatima RAA would clean him up. This to date gives women an example of how they should be with their fathers. 

Spiritual Role of Muslim Women – 10 Women who Inspired Islam

She went on to marry Hazrat Ali, the closest companion of the Prophet (PBUH).  She is also one of the few fortunate women who received glad tidings to enter Paradise along with her mother Khadijah RAA.

6 – Hazrat Zainab AAS: 

Hazrat Zainab was the daughter of Hazrat Fatima and Hazrat Ali.  

Hazrat Zainab faced tremendous challenges as after the demise of the Prophet (PBUH), fighting broke out on all grounds to take the Prophet’s (PBUH) place. First, she witnessed the assassination of Hazrat Ali, her father, and then she faced multiple battles where her brothers fought with the Umayyad rulers and soon enough, witnessed their brutal murder.  

She then set out to Damascus by herself and gave her famous sermon in the court of Yazid. She faced oppression and injustice head in and spoke against it with grit, showcasing her as a brave woman who took a stand for what is right in the world and called out what is wrong. This is how women and men alike should be in terms of what is right and wrong – putting their life on the line to make their voices heard for a good cause. She inspires numerous Muslims to do good and what is right in the name of Allah.  

7 – Hazrat Hafsa RA: 

Hazrat Hafsa RA was also one of the Prophet’s (PBUH) wives, after the passing of Hazrat Khadija.  

She was the daughter of Hazrat Umar and was a widow before her marriage to the Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Hafsa RA memorized the whole Quran before it had been compiled into written form. The first written form of the Quran was kept with Hazrat Hafsa for safekeeping and thus is called Masf-Ul-Hafsa.  

Her ability to memorize the Quran inspired many other Muslim women to do so thus creating many Hafiz-E-Quran in the community.  

8 – Sayyida Nafisa: 

 Hazrat Nafisa RA was the great-great-granddaughter of the Prophet (PBUH). 

Hazrat Nafisa RA was extremely devoted and intelligent. She had memorised and understood the Quran from a very young age, alongside the hadith. This allowed her to have a great grip on understanding the fundamentals of Islam, and lead her to teach two of the most important scholars, Abu Abdullah Mohammed Idris Al-Shafi’i and Ahmad Ibn Hanbal.  

Her grip over understanding Islam is not only remarkable but also inspiring for other Muslims. Her following due is a heartfelt one:

Spiritual Role of Muslim Women – 10 Women who Inspired Islam

Patience is in accordance to the amount of faith in one’s heart. It is sufficient for a patient one to know that Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala is with them. A believer should be happy with difficulties that came his way as it is a means of raising one’s status in the sight of Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala. Reward is given in relation to the suffering and Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala increases many-fold for whomsoever he wishes. And Allah is all-Encompassing and all-Knowing. 

9 – Hazrat Summayah RAA:  

Hazrat Summayah was a freed slave from Abyssinia, now known as Ethiopia.  

Hazrat Summayah was the first martyr of Islam. When the Quraish were prosecuting the Muslim community, those families which did not have powerful ties or were poor converts to Islam were targeted the most.

They were prosecuted and tortured to renounce their faith in Allah. Hazrat Summayah’s family was one of the families which suffered the same fate. She was kidnapped and tortured mercilessly with the condition to go free if she rejected the Prophethood of the Prophet (PBUH). When she refused to do so, Abu Jahl murdered her, marking her the first martyr of Islam.  

Hazrat Summayah is a symbol of strength, courage and bravery. She stood her ground and did not back down. She gave her life in the name of Allah but did not renounce her faith. 

10 – Umm Al-Darda Al-Soghra: 

Umm Al-Darda Al-Soghra was an early 7th-century scholar.  

Umm Al-Darda Al-Soghra was against gender disparity and often was seen praying in the men’s rows in mosques. She would not conform to social, cultural and gender norms and worked hard in making the world a better and fairer place for men and women alike. 

She was an Islamic scholar and a jurist. She taught great personalities in Damascus, influencing them with the beliefs in the Quran and hadith. she was an Islamic scholar and a jurist who taught great personalities in Damascus, influencing the beliefs in the Quran and hadith.  

Spiritual Role of Muslim Women – 10 Women who Inspired Islam


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the most important woman in Islam?

Hazrat Maryam, the mother of Hazrat Isa, is the only woman mentioned in the Quran by name. “Behold! The angels said: ‘O Mary! God hath chosen thee and purified thee – chosen thee above the women of all nations.’ 

Q. What is a virtuous woman in Islam?

A woman who protects her chastity obeys Allah and His Messenger and takes care of her family. In Islam, they are Asiya, the wife of Pharaoh, and Maryam, the mother of Hz. Isa (Jesus), Khadijah, the wife of the Prophet (PBUH) and Fatima, his daughter.  

Q. Who was the first woman to accept Islam?

Hazrat Khadija (RAA), the Prophet’s first wife (PBUH) was the first woman to accept Islam.