5 Most Valuable Lessons from the Life of Hazrat Khadija(R.A)

Lessons from the life of Hazrat Khadija: Hazrat Khadijah was the first woman to embrace Islam and become the first wife of our Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).  Her name was Khadijahtul-Kubra Bint Khuwailid . She is also called “Ummaha Tul Momineen” (Nobel mother of Muslim Ummah).

5 Most Valuable Lessons from the Life of Hazrat Khadija(R.A)

Hazrat Khadija As A Role Model

All “Ummas” see her as an ideal and role model for living a holy, peaceful, and Islamic way of life.  She was firmly committed to Allah (S.T.) and his Messenger. She devoted her whole fortune to the cause of Islam. She was happy and loved our Prophet (PBUH).

Hazrat Khadijah (RA) was always more important to our Prophet (PBUH) than any other woman.  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spent a significant amount of his happy life married to her, and anybody who has read the Surah can see his profound regard, love, and respect for her.

Hazrat Khadijah was the eyewitness to Islam’s founding. She backed Hazrat Muhammad and Islam from the very beginning, through the thick and thin when there were not enough supporters of Islam and Prophet of Allah till Islam stood strong as well as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Hazrat Jibrael spent 10 years bringing Revelations from Heaven to her house. Her house was the home of Islam and the Holy Quran.

Hazrat Khadijah was a well-known trader. When the Quraysh’s trade caravan travelers assembled to start on their summer voyage to Syria or their winter trek to Yemen, it is reported that Hazrat Khadijah’s caravan equaled the caravans of all other Quraish traders put together.

5 Most Valuable Lessons from the Life of Hazrat Khadija(R.A)

Why Was She Called Khadijah-Tul-Kubra?

She was rich and kind. She fed and clothed the destitute, offered financial assistance to her family, and supplied marriage parts for needy relatives due to her great contribution and kindness towards the poor she was called Khadijah-Tul-Kubra which literally means Khadijah the Great. Hazrat Khadijah (RA) was claimed to have never worshipped or believed in idols, which was unusual in pre-Islamic Arabian society. She was the first to receive the good news of her entrance into Paradise from Allah.

5 Most Valuable Lessons from the Life of Hazrat Khadija(R.A)

What We Can Learn From The Life of Hazrat Khadija?

Hazrat Khadijah spent many years of her life with Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) till her death, her life is a role model for many of us. The following are important lessons we can all take from Hazrat Khadijah’s life:

1:  How To Stand Beside Your Loved Ones.

The most important lesson one can learn from the life of Hazrat Khadijah is how to be a rock for your family.

Hazrat Khadijah stayed firm as a pillar of support for her husband even though society was against him and refused to give up. Even though Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married numerous additional wives in subsequent years, Hazrat  Khadijah always retained a particular place in his heart due to her wonderful disposition. Her demise has left an indelible mark.

With her excellent character and temperament, a lady may pleasantly enrich the ambiance of her house. “Life’s pleasures are multiplied with a dedicated and pious partner,” as the saying goes.

5 Most Valuable Lessons from the Life of Hazrat Khadija(R.A)

2: Loyalty

Throughout her life, Hazrat Khadijah stayed loyal to her better half and the cause. Due to her loyalty, Islam grew stronger in the most devastating times and she was the biggest support of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

When one’s partner is having troubles, a decent husband or wife soothes the other rather than aggravating the situation by raging and criticizing. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was the purest of creation, and Allah provided him with a companion who matched his exalted rank in terms of purity, and who served as his pillar of strength at one of Islam’s most critical moments.

5 Most Valuable Lessons from the Life of Hazrat Khadija(R.A)

3: Kindness

Hazrat Khadijah gladly embraced Islam as a faith that does not discriminate between the affluent and the poor. When a perfect chance to transfer riches to needy, unemployed individuals she did not turn it down. She even assisted young females in getting married by arranging endowments for them.

Hazrat Khadijah is the most astonishing woman in history. Even now, she continues to inspire those who learn more about her and her relationship with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

5 Most Valuable Lessons from the Life of Hazrat Khadija(R.A)

4: Taqwa

Hazarat Khadijah was a very rich and successful businesswoman, she could have led a luxurious life but Allah chose her to the better half of his beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) she happily sacrificed her ease and comfort for the sake of Allah (S.T.) and his messenger.

Hazrat Khadijah possessed such a high characteristic of taqwa that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) characterized her in a hadith as “the best amongst the women” (Bukhari)

5 Most Valuable Lessons from the Life of Hazrat Khadija(R.A)

5: Financial Independency

Hazrat Khadijah’s example should inspire us- the female of the society, we should know that a woman can be a great wife, mother, and daughter but at the same time she can work, do business, and Excel in her career.

Hazrat Khadijah inherited her father’s talent and wealth as a young girl from the Quraysh clan in Mecca. Despite the fact that society at the time was overwhelmingly and dangerously male-dominated, she went about her job and gradually rose to prominence.

She would trade goods and hire men to defend her company as they traveled from Mecca through Yemen and then to Syria. As a result, her business grew to be larger than all of the Quraysh tribe’s combined organizations, which she achieved just via reasonable deals in spectacular items.

5 Most Valuable Lessons from the Life of Hazrat Khadija(R.A)


Islamic history is full of stories of independent, empowered women, as we discussed in our previous post on The Most Influential Women in Islamic History. Hazrat Khadijah’s life teaches us that a woman can be the reason for the strongest person’s strength either as a daughter, wife, or mother. Sometimes we might have to leave either a lifestyle or things that are favorable to us to lead a life that is favorite to Allah Almighty. Her life can be taken as a model to follow, in order to live a life that will lead to success in this life and the hereafter.

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