7 Lessons from Battle of Badr That All Muslims Should Learn

Lessons from Battle of Badr: Battles play a very notable role in shaping the history of every civilization, for better or for worse. As for Muslim history, a number of battles were fought, some were won some ended in defeat.

7 Lessons from Battle of Badr That All Muslims Should Learn

What Are Ghazwat?

Ghazwat (plural for Ghazwa) means battles that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ led himself, whereas the armies that were sent and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ remained behind are called Saraya (plural for Sariyyah).

29 Ghazwat were fought in the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

9 out of these battles were fought by the Prophet ﷺ himself, which are

7 Lessons from Battle of Badr That All Muslims Should Learn

Here is a detailed post on the most important Battles of Islam and lessons to learn from them.

Battle of Badr Summary:

The first major and most important battle that took place on Friday, the 17th of Ramadan, 2 Hijri. Two years after the Prophet ﷺ migrated to Madinah. The battle took place in the valley of Badr, currently situated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The battlefield of Badr is located approximately 100 miles from Madinah. This landmark is open to the public and a well-visited site.

7 Lessons from Battle of Badr That All Muslims Should Learn

The battle of Badr was a turning point in the spreading of Islam, many faiths were strengthened and many turned toward Islam. A number of sahabahs and future caliphs, except Uthman bin Affan, fought at Badr.

7 Lessons from Battle of Badr That All Muslims Should Learn

Why Was The Battle Of Badr Initiated?

The Muslims were planning to intercept a caravan traveling along a Syrian trade route carrying weapons to be used against the Muslims, headed by Abu Sufyan. The spies were informed of the Muslims plans’ and they, in turn, informed Abu Sufyan who altered his course to Makkah to protect the caravan. Then, Abu Sufyan notified the Quraishi tribe leader, Abu Jahl. This information provoked the Meccans, Abu Jahl then gave the order to gather troops from Makkah. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was left with no choice but to face the enemies. On the morning of the battle, the two armies met at Badr. The Muslim army was small and outnumbered as compared to the army of Quraish.

7 Lessons from Battle of Badr That All Muslims Should Learn

To begin with, as per Arab custom, single combat (one to one) took place. Famous Quraish warriors like Shayba and Walid were killed even before the battle had begun. This left the Quraish army disturbed and they attacked in masses. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ engaged in dua, Allah SWT replied by sending angels to achieve victory.

7 Lessons from Battle of Badr That All Muslims Should Learn

The Help Of Angels Is Also Mentioned In The Quran

7 Lessons from Battle of Badr That All Muslims Should Learn

Sahabahs Martyred in Battle of Badr

14 companions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ were martyred in the battle. Their names can be found listed at the battle site. 70 men from the opposing army were taken captive, all except 2 accepted Islam.

7 Lessons from Battle of Badr That All Muslims Should Learn

What Did Muslims Learn From the Battle of Badr?

Battle of Badr was an important milestone, there is a lot to be learned from that day’s events. Every act carried out by the Sahabah or Prophet Muhammad ﷺ can be applied in our day to day life. The basic lesson taught was if faced with any obstacle or wish to overcome any hardship remember that no obstacle is greater than Allah SWT.

7- Never Underestimate The Power Of Prayers

Before the battle had begun, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prayed to Allah SWT and the payers were answered and help in the form of rain, sandstorm and angels were sent down. We might not have that level of belief which our Prophet ﷺ or the sahabah had but we can always try to pray and make dua from the heart and believe that it will be answered.

6- Always remember Allah.

When the Muslims were triumphant Prophet Muhammadﷺ praised Allah SWT. Victory would have not been possible had it not been for the Divine help, so Muslims should take note to remember Allah humbly and be thankful and not let pride and arrogance get to their head.

5- Always Consult Each Other

After learning that a troop was being sent to confront the Muslims. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ did not immediately ask to prepare for battle instead he held a meeting and consulted with his companions. As the Prophet ﷺ received revelation from Allah, it wasn’t at all necessary that he consult with the Sahabah. This teaches us that any worldly affair that needs to finalized should be done after consultation. This honorable act teaches us to be humble and turn to honest people for advice.

4- Allah SWT Is Best Of Planners

Muslims wanted to intercept the caravan that was lead by Abu Sufyan, but it was diverted. Allah SWT had something better planned, the Battle of Badr, which led to Islam deepening its roots. We may not understand the events happening around us but Allah SWT knows best. Everything has already been planned for us in the best possible way. Here are 7 Quotes That Prove Allah is The Best Planner of All Affairs.

3- Have Tawakkul and Don’t Despair

The Muslims were outnumbered on the battlefield by the Quraish army but things turned around and the situation favored the Muslims. Anything happening in front of us leads us to conclusions of the outcome but what is going to happen and how is only known by Allah. So have faith that everything will work out fine. Don’t upset yourself thinking of all the negative results. Having unwavering faith in Allah is the only way out of hopeless situations. We’ve also covered the concept of Tawakkul in our previous post on Easy Ways to Increase Tawakkul in Allah.

2- Always Stand United

The Muhajirin and Ansar set an amazing example for all time to come. They fought together side by side. Even Shaytan fled the scene in the presence and Help of Allah that descended on the Muslims. If there is a situation where Muslims can scatter it’s the battlefield out of fear, but they stood fast and fought and emerged victorious. This is a very important lesson for us, we Muslims should stand together no matter which corner of the world we belong to.

1- All Success is From Allah

The success of the Muslims is only by Allah SWT so we should remember we are not fruitful due to our own efforts. Yes, hard work and dedication are also required but that is not enough. Dua, prayers, tawakkal everything is equally important.

Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ life was a set example. Every act done by the Prophet ﷺ and the Sahabah is for us to implement in our lives as well. Every small Sunnah counts. Just the events of the Battle of Badr have taught us so much.


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