Who is Iblis? 6 Islamic Quotes on Shaitan (Satan/Devil)

Islamic quotes on shaitan: We all have wondered where Shaitan came from and why he is after the creation of Allah SWT. But did you know that Shaitan, who is known for his evil, was the dweller of heaven? He worshiped Allah SWT just like angels. But his disobedience made him who he is today, Iblis/Shaitan.

The path towards Allah SWT and Jannah is not an easy journey. There are obstacles and attractions towards sins created by Shaitan for the Mutaqin (the pious ones). Allah SWT has declared him our open enemy therefore we should stay firm on our path to defeat him. We know it’s not easy but with the help of Allah, reciting Quran and acquiring Taqwa, one cannot fall prey to his deception.

1- Story of Iblis in Islam

The Creation of Adam AS 

Allah SWT has created everyone for a particular cause. He created Jinn from fire and Angels from light. Iblis, the Shaitan, also known as Azazel, lived among the Angels in heaven. He praised Allah SWT and never transgressed until the creation of Adam AS.

Disobedience of Shaitan 

(38:71) When your Lord said to the angels:59 “Verily I am creating a human being from clay.60 (38:72) After I have created him and breathed into him of My spirit,61 falls you down, prostrating yourselves to him.” 62

Allah SWT created Adam Adam AS with sand and gave him ‘Ilm.’ He (SWT) brought him in front of angels and asked them to prostrate Adam AS. Every angel without questioning Allah SWT, bowed down except Iblis. He was appalled that Allah had asked him to bow down to someone made of sand. To him, Adam AS was inferior. 

And when We said to the angels: ‘Prostrate to Adam,’ they (all) prostrated except Iblis; he refused.”

 (Surah TAHA 116)

Who is Iblis? 6 Islamic Quotes on Shaitan (Satan/Devil)

2- The Promise of Shaitan: 

Allah SWT asked Iblis the reason for disobedience, to which he replied that since he is made of fire, he considered himself superior to Adam AS, the man of sand. Allah SWT banished him from heaven as he questioned the wisdom of Allah and disobeyed Him. 

When Allah SWT closed the doors of heaven for Iblis for deviating from the right path, Iblis had hatred and jealousy for the humans in his heart. He made a promise to Allah SWT that he would keep deceiving humans and provoke them to sin till the last day. 

He went ahead with his promise and provoked Adam AS and Eve to eat the forbidden tree’s fruit. The sin that they committed made them leave heaven and live on Earth. Allah forgave Adam and Eve, which shows that He’s the Most Merciful.

Who is Iblis? 6 Islamic Quotes on Shaitan (Satan/Devil)

3- Duas for Protection from Shaitan

We are all humans and prone to make mistakes. We all have a book of sins but what makes us different from others is how we stay true to our religion and word of Allah and protect ourselves from the attacks of Shaitan.

There is always a solution to everything in Islam. Similarly, we have been taught specific duas by our Prophet Muhammad PBUH that can save us from the evil whisperings of Shaitan and his fellow devils.

Abdullah ibn ‘Umar (R.A.) said,

“When the Prophet Muhammad PBUH entered a mosque, he would say

“I seek refuge with Allah the Mighty, with His Noble Face and with His Eternal Authority from Shaytaan, the Accursed.”

He again said,

“When (a man) says this, Shaytaan says: “He has been protected from me for the whole day. “(Abu Dawood, Ab-Abaani- Saheeh) 

Who is Iblis? 6 Islamic Quotes on Shaitan (Satan/Devil)

By reciting the following dua 100 times, one can protect himself from the evil of Shaitan

Abu Hurairah reported; 

Prophet Muhammad PBUH mentioned this dua and said: 

He will receive the reward of setting free ten slaves, a hundred good deeds will be written for him, and a hundred evil deeds will be erased from him. It will be a sanctuary from Shaytaan for him on that day until he reaches the evening. No one will come with something better except one who increases beyond that.

Who is Iblis? 6 Islamic Quotes on Shaitan (Satan/Devil)

Recite the following dua while leaving the house

Anas RA reported that;

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that if anybody recites the following dua while leaving the house, it is said to him;

You have been sufficed, you have been protected, and you have been guided.” Then one of the devils turns to another and says, “How can you get to a man who has been sufficed, protected, and guided.” 

(Abu Dawud, at-Tirmidhi, hasan saheeh).

Who is Iblis? 6 Islamic Quotes on Shaitan (Satan/Devil)

Reciting Ayat Ul Kursi

It is one of the powerful Surahs of the Quran. It protects us from Shaitan and other evil doings. Before sleeping or at the time of facing any fearful situation, a simple dhikr of Ayat ul Kursi will save us from Shaitan and his wrongdoings. Learn more about the ayat ul kursi benefits from our previous posts.

Remembering Allah SWT

Doing Dhikr while eating and leaving the house is one way to hush the devil away. Shaitan will not enter the house when you recite duas while stepping into your home. He will not sit down with you when you recite Bismillah while having meals. Here are some tips that will help you get closer to Allah.

Who is Iblis? 6 Islamic Quotes on Shaitan (Satan/Devil)

4- Mention of Shaitan in the Quran 

In the Quran, Allah told us numerous times that we are the creation of Allah SWT and have to stand firm on the path that leads to Jannah. Because Shaitan is our open enemy, he tries to deviate us from the right direction. 

Remember, when you sin and do not repent until judgment day arrives, you will not be able to blame Shaitan for all your wrongdoings. Because he will deny his evils, leaving you alone to deal with your punishment. 

Who is Iblis? 6 Islamic Quotes on Shaitan (Satan/Devil)

5- Deception of Shaitan 

Shaitan is the biggest enemy of humankind. His deception will put obstacles in the path of the people till the day comes when Allah will put him in hellfire.

We should understand the fact that he deceives us in various ways. We might take certain events as a part of life, but we must realize that it’s the Shaitan who is spreading his wings to put evil in our hearts.

We will tell you a few ways that you could decipher to save yourself from the attacks of Shaitan.

Putting Enmity and Hatred in Our Hearts: Have you ever wondered why do you have an inevitable rush of hatred and a feeling of jealousy for a particular person? Whenever you try to clean your heart, it hits you back with force. That’s Shaitan instilling all the negative feelings in your heart so that you don’t walk towards the right path.

Filling the Pure Hearts With Doubts: Every Muslim suffers from the lows and highs of Imaan. But what makes them lose their way is to keep pondering the doubts Shaitan puts in their hearts. Instead, they should purify their souls. 

Who is Iblis? 6 Islamic Quotes on Shaitan (Satan/Devil)

Instilling the hearts with fear of poverty: We all had gone through times when we were worried about our financial needs. And sometimes that made you make tough decisions or do something illegal. We should hold that Allah is sufficient for us, and He will make a way out for us. We should not let Shaitan whisper awful things about our financial situations. Here are some duas to increase rizq and wealth.

Who is Iblis? 6 Islamic Quotes on Shaitan (Satan/Devil)

6 – Seven Names of Shaitan 

Shaitan had been given different names due to his qualities when he worshiped Allah SWT. The seven skies have other names for him.

  • First Sky- Abid 
  • Second Sky- Zahid 
  • Third Sky- Arif
  • Fourth Sky- Wali
  • Fifth Sky- Taqi
  • Sixth Sky- Khazin
  • Seventh Sky- Azazel

Till the day of judgment, he is known as Iblis.

We all know that Shaitan is the biggest enemy of humanity. We should stay firm on the right path to attain a place in Jannah. By acquiring Taqwa, establishing Salah, and doing Istighfar as much as possible to keep ourselves clean from the evils of Shaitan.

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