10 Best Islamic Duas for Pregnancy ( Successful & Healthy)

Duas for Pregnancy. Muslim mothers need to know every dua to recite during the nine crucial months of pregnancy. These duas do not only help in relieving the stress during pregnancy but are also beneficial in several other aspects. These duas help during every trimester, fast labor, the safety of the mother and child and also for the good health of the baby and the mother.

Many Muslim scholars and intellectuals have listed several duas from the Quran which are best to recite during pregnancy. Here we have compiled a list of Islamic duas for pregnancy which every Muslim woman should know.

Best Islamic Duas to Recite for Pregnancy

Here are a few reasons which clarify why reciting these Islamic Duas is beneficial during the nine months of pregnancy.

  • These Islamic duas help in protecting the child and keeping the mother safe during pregnancy.
  • They keep the mother as well as the child away from the harmful external forces and entities.
  • Islamic duas help in fast labor and delivery.
  • These duas help in relieving stress and negative thoughts during the nine months.
  • Whether the couple wants a male or female child, these duas fulfill the wishes of such couples.
  • Islamic Duas help in preventing the miscarriages and protecting the mother and the baby.
  • These Quranic Ayahs makes the time of pregnancy easier and safer. You should also have a look at these 25 Most Powerful Islamic Duas Every Muslim Should Know.

Now let’s move on to our compilation of duas for pregnancy:

islamic duas for pregnancy

↓ 10 – Dua for Preventing Miscarriage 

Pregnancy is one of the most overwhelming yet wonderful experiences of life. It not only brings happiness but at the same time it can also be a little stressing. Miscarriage is one of the fears that every woman carries during the nine months of pregnancy, which is why there are numerous duas which the women can recite. Among all, the dua which is most recited and is recommended by most of the scholars is the one given below. This dua is best to be recited under circumstances when a woman fears miscarriage.

Duas to Recite During Pregnancy (4)


↓ 9 – Dua for Pious Children 

Every couple wants their offspring to be righteous and pious. According to different Muslim scholars, the dua women should recite during pregnancy for righteous children is the one given below. The ayah literally translates to “O my Lord! Do not leave me without offspring. Surely You are the best of inheritors”. This dua is to be recited during the initial months of pregnancy in particular. However, no one is bound to recite it for a specific time, you can recite it anytime during pregnancy. Here are 100+ Islamic Marriage Quotes For Husband and Wife.


↓ 8 –  Dua for Sterility 

 One of the most saddening thing a woman can ever experience is sterility. An inability to give birth. But there is nothing in the world that’s impossible for Allah. He has bestowed us with numerous duas and Quranic ayahs which one can recite for hope. One of the best wazifas for barren women is the one given below. Reciting the ayah “AL-Bari ul Al-Musawir” 21 times after breaking the fast with water for seven continuous days. Surely, with the blessings of Allah, the woman will be bestowed with the child. There are also many recommended surahs that women should recite when she wishes to conceive, these include Surah Yasin, Surah Maryam and Surah Imran.

Duas to Recite During Pregnancy (2)


↓ 7 – Dua for Labor Pains 

Women go through a lot of struggle and hardships during the nine months of pregnancy but the most painful and difficult time is the time of delivering a baby. Allah has revealed a Dua which should be recited during delivery. The ayahs given below are the most effective to relieve pain during pregnancy. In order to relieve labor pains, these ayahs should be frequently recited.

Duas to Recite During Pregnancy (5)


↓ 6 – Dua For Safety Of Pregnancy

Every woman does everything to protect her baby. From taking care to the fullest to providing the best for their kids, there is nothing parents don’t do. Majority of the Muslim scholars recommend reciting certain Quranic Ayahs in order to protect the baby from the evil eye, diseases and other harmful incidents. The ayah given below is especially revealed for women who want to protect their child during pregnancy. Allah promises to protect the child of the women who recite this ayah after five months repeatedly.

Duas to Recite During Pregnancy (8)


↓ 5 – Dua for A Good Offspring

Dua for virtuous, righteous, obedient and goodly offspring is the one majority of the women ask for. Since everyone wants their child to be righteous and obedient, therefore Allah has revealed specific ayahs, particularly for a goodly offspring. This ayah assures that a woman will bear a goodly offspring if recited repeatedly. Here are The 15 Basic Rights of Wives in Islam.

Duas to Recite During Pregnancy (6)


↓ 4 – Dua for Righteous Children 

Women wishing to have righteous children should recite this ayah regularly during pregnancy. Allah not only promises to bless the couples with obedient offspring but also provides a sense of relaxation to the women who frequently recites this ayah. Reciting this Ayah even after the birth of the child is quite beneficial and advantageous.

Duas to Recite During Pregnancy (3)


↓ 3 – Dua During Pregnancy For A Boy

Everyone has certain wishes and desires. Someone wishes for a male child and some for females. For those who wish to have a male child should recite this dua excessively and Allah will for sure bless the couple with the male offspring. Other than this, with the blessings of this ayah, Allah not only consecrates the couple with the male child but also assures the couple to be blessed with virtuous, righteous and obedient baby boy.

Duas to Recite During Pregnancy (9)


↓ 2 – Dua During Pregnancy For a Girl

Couples who want to bear a female child should recite the following ayah frequently. With the blessings of Allah, the couple will for sure be blessed with the beautiful baby girl. These ayahs should be recited repeatedly, before conceiving and also during the nine months of pregnancy. Insha-Allah with the blessings of Allah the couple will be blessed with a daughter.

Duas to Recite During Pregnancy (10)


↓ 1 – Dua for Easy Pregnancy 

To make pregnancy easier and less painful, every woman should recite these ayahs every day to make sure the pregnancy stays easy. Other than this, the ayah also protects miscarriages, any harmful diseases and blesses the couple with a righteous and obedient child. The ayah was revealed for the Prophet Zakariyya which he recited to protect the child from shaytan and make him/her pious, submissive, intelligent and righteous. In order to see the effective results, it is important to keep reciting this ayah repeatedly.

Duas to Recite During Pregnancy (7)



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