20 Powerful Islamic Duas for Safety & Protection From Harm

When faced with adversities, as Muslims, we must remind ourselves that facing hardships does not negate one’s faith in Allah (SWT) and His divine decree. Allah has revealed many prayers that can be recited when seeking protection against a certain situation. These can include security from harm, evil, Jinn, nafs, and even prayers for the safety of your family and children.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) taught his companions duas and verses of protection revealed by Allah. We must use these powerful and effective prayers to stay safe in this life and ask for protection from the grave torment and the Hellfire.

What are Islamic Duas to Recite for Protection?

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was among Allah’s beloved prophets who were entrusted to sanctify the Ka’abah. He was commanded to leave behind his wife and son Ismail in a valley close to Kaabah. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) followed Allah’s commands and left them on the spot of Zamzam with a bag of dates. Leaving his dear ones behind, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was worried and prayed to Allah to protect his wife and son:


Our Lord! I have made some of my offspring settle in a barren valley near Your Sacred House! Our Lord! I did so that they may establish Prayer. So make the hearts of people affectionately inclined to them, and provide them with fruits for their sustenance, that they may give thanks.”

(Surah Ibrahim, 37)


Allah answered Prophet Ibrahim’s supplication by creating a water spring where his son was placed. Allah has mentioned in the Quran that He answers those who call upon Him. We must use these prayers to seek protection and then leave the rest to Him.

Our Lord hears our supplication and answers our prayers. Thus, we must be patient and place our trust in Him completely. We hope you make a habit of including these duas in your daily prayers and use them to seek Allah’s (SWT) protection.

↓ 20. Protection from Enemies

Recite the following dua to ward off all evil enemies:

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 19. Against the torment of the grave

Abdullah ibn Abbas (RA) reports that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) would teach this dua to his companions as he would teach them a surah from the Quran.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 18. From Illness

The Messenger of Allah would recite Surah An-Nas and Surah Al-Ikhlas whenever he was ill. When he couldn’t recite them himself, Aisha (RA), his wife, would recite the verses and rub them over his body.

Additionally, Anas reported that the Prophet (PBUH) would seek refuge in Allah from evil sicknesses, leprosy, insanity, and other diseases.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 17. Safeguard from Evil

As mentioned in the Riyad as-Saliheen, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to seek protection against Jinn and evil eyes till Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Nas were revealed. After the Surahs’ revelation, he left everything besides and would recite them to seek Allah’s protection. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) was known to recite these Quranic Chapters before going to sleep.

These verses of the Holy Quran serve as a safeguard during sleep and as we go about our day. By reciting these in our daily prayers, we are guaranteed to be under the protectorship of Allah (SWT).

If you suspect that the evil eye is impacting you or your loved ones, do read our earlier post on Symptoms Of Evil Eye In Islam.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 16. Prophet Muhammad’s Dua for Protection of House

It is a good practice to make dua before leaving the house to guard your family and property.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 15. Powerful dua for the protection of Family

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 14. Dua for the protection of Kids

 The Messenger of Allah (SAW) used to pray to seek refuge for Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein. He would pray: 

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

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↓ 13. Prayer for safeguard from Evil Eye

Evil eye refers to the misfortune inflicted on one person out of jealousy of another. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) often advises his companions and followers to recite Quranic verses to protect themselves against the evil eye.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 12. From the Nafs

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) mentioned two evil sources: self or nafs, and the Shaytan (devil). As Muslims, we must recite this dua to avoid indulging in things that may harm us, our families, or other people.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 11. Safety from Jinn

 By saying this supplication, we seek refuge in Allah to safeguard us from any evil being, be it man, animal, calamity, or Jinn.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 10. For safety from all problems

This supplication is effective in asking Allah (SWT) to help us in distress. Saying this dua helps me overcome tough setbacks.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 9. To get relief from a life-threatening illness

 Aisha (RA) reported that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) would make this dua seek protection for some of his wives. Further, many of the Prophet’s (PBUH) companions learned this Prayer and would use it as a treatment for people suffering from pain.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 8. Dua to prevent difficulties

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 7. Relief from calamities

 The Prophet of Allah (PBUH) reminds us that this world is a trial, and there will be an affliction. Therefore, we must maintain faith in Allah’s Mercy and His divine will.  

It is a comprehensive prayer seeking security from getting struck by a disaster.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 6. To avoid sudden afflictions

To prevent being stricken by sudden afflictions, we must not forget to seek Allah’s help for protection from any harm coming to us.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 5. To get relief from anxiety and depression

 Some level of mental suffering is normal; however, being consumed by worry can have several negative impacts. Therefore, alongside seeking help from a trained professional, we must also pray to Allah for protection from such symptoms.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 4. Prayer for protection from Hell

 We are subject to trials in our lives and hereafter. In the process, we may commit acts or sins that may displease Allah. We must, then, ask Allah (SWT) to grant protection from the trials of Dajjal, the torment of Hellfire, and punishment of the grave.

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 3. From all sorts of danger

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 2. Safekeeping from Shirk

 Shirk refers to associating partners with Allah. It is described as an unforgivable sin, and Allah may forgive any sin but shirk. The only exception is if the believer repents before death. 

To protect ourselves from Shaytan’s whispers, this is the most effective dua:

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

↓ 1. Protection against harm

Powerful duas for protection in all situations

Things to Remember When Making these Duas:

  1. You should not only pray when you’re faced with adversity but should rather make dua for protection from future difficulties.
  2. As Muslims, we must be empathetic towards the sufferings of others. Thus, before praying for ourselves, we must make duas for others.
  3. Use the words of the Holy Quran and Sunnah when making a prayer.
  4. Express thanks to Allah to receive more.
  5. Once you have said the supplication, maintain strong faith, and expect positive outcomes.
  6. Most importantly, be patient! Allah will respond to our prayers when it is most appropriate.


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