Fajr Prayer Benefits & 8 Reasons to Never Miss It

Fajr prayer benefits: Fajr Prayer is one of the prayers that have been made fardh on Muslims. It is the salah of dawn when everyone is in deep sleep. We are very keen on worldly matters due to which, we ignore the most important thing, Salah.

We push it back in our minds and keep this world first, only to realise later what we have lost. The road to paradise, blocked by our negligence.

What are the Benefits of Praying Fajr on Time?

Fajr Salah starts from dawn when we are in our beds under warm blankets and finds it burdensome to get up and make Wudhu just to stand on our prayer mats. But, the rewards are unbelievable. Once you force yourself to get up, Allah will keep you under His shade for the rest of the day.

Fajr Prayer Benefits & 8 Reasons to Never Miss It

Fajr Prayer Time

The time of fajr is from dawn till sunrise. This is the time when everybody is sleeping but the call for Adhan calls us to our Creator Allah SWT.

It was narrated from Abdullah bin Amr (RA) that the Prophet (PBUH) said, “The time for Zuhr is so long as Asr has not come. The time for Asr is so long as the sun has not turned yellow. The time for Maghrib is so long as the twilight has not disappeared. The time for Isha is so long as half of the night has not passed. The time for Fajr is so long as the sun has not risen.” (Hadith No. 1386 (612), Book of Masjids & Places of Prayer, Sahih Muslim, Vol. 2).

Fajr Prayer Benefits & 8 Reasons to Never Miss It

1 – Fajr Prayer Gives Protection from Hellfire

Your alarm keeps ringing and you have been hitting snooze for quite a while, Shaitan keeps whispering sweet lullabies in your ears and you finally decide to sleep. Only to regret later in the morning when the time to pray Fajr slips off your hands.

When you pray Fajr, the path that could lead you to hellfire is blocked by your presence in front of Allah at the time of dawn. And if you miss it, you’ll not be on the list of the people who will be protected from the hellfire on the day of judgment. As the fajr salah keeps us away from the fire of Jahannum.

We are always looking for ways to save ourselves from Jahannum. We give sadaqah, treat people kindly but can we not make more efforts and pray a few rakats of fajr to please Allah?

Here are some Quotes on Judgment Day in Islam.

Fajr Prayer Benefits & 8 Reasons to Never Miss It

2 – Fajr Prayer Provides Protection of Allah

We are in constant need of the guidance of Allah and His protection. A calamity strikes us, or life has odd circumstances for us, all of it makes us kneel in front of Allah SWT, the Most Merciful, pray and recite certain duas and surahs and beg to stay under His protection.

The easier way to achieve your goal is to pray Fajr.

What does it mean to be in the Al-Mighty’s protection? When you pray Fajr, Allah protects you from all kinds of calamities and difficulties till the next Fajr prayer. If this promise by Allah cannot force you to wake up then what else can?

No guard or security can protect us more than Allah SWT.

Fajr Prayer Benefits & 8 Reasons to Never Miss It

3 – Fajr Prayer is Witnessed

When you’re sleeping peacefully, a sweet call for Adhaan rings in your ears. The warmth of your blanket stops you from leaving the bed and your eyes shut closed but the promise of Allah SWT compels you to wake up for His sake.

When you make Wadhu, sits down and pray to your Lord and recite Quranic verses in fajr prayer, Allah has mentioned in the Qur’an, that the recitation is witnessed.

It was asked from prophet Muhammad PBUH that who are the witnesses? He replied ‘The angels!’

How beautiful is this promise by Allah that every word that we recite is witnessed by His angels?

Therefore it is advised to read long verses in the fajr prayer to gain rewards and blessings from Allah SWT.

Fajr Prayer Benefits & 8 Reasons to Never Miss It

4 – Fajr Prayer Leads to Paradise

Paradise is the ultimate goal of every Muslim. He does Hajj, Umrah and gives Sadaqah but forgets one thing, Salah. Which will be questioned first in our graves.

Paradise is not achieved easily, one has to struggle in this race. A prayer or a good deed can become the reason for you to enter Jannah. Praying Salah, particularly Fajr and Asr, will lead the Muslims to Jannah.

When a believer holds back his nafs, prefers praying Fajr over his sleep, Allah will not be shy to reward him a permanent place in Jannah. Her are some authentic Duas for Jannah/Paradise and Protection from Hell Fire.

Fajr Prayer Benefits & 8 Reasons to Never Miss It

5 – Fajr Prayer is Reported by Angels to Allah

The time of dawn is very peaceful and birds chirp loudly, humming the greatness of Allah SWT. Leaving a comfortable bed, making wudhu sounds burdensome and difficult as fajr is the time of deep sleep. But the believers make the effort to be present in front of Allah SWT and bow down their heads in front of His Majesty.

All the efforts that a believer makes in the way of Allah, just for His sake, reciting the Quran and spending time after Salah in mentioning the greatness of Allah, are witnessed by the angels and reported to the Al-Mighty.

How blessed a person will be when his ibadah gets reported to Allah SWT by the angels.

Fajr Prayer Benefits & 8 Reasons to Never Miss It

6 – Fajr Prayer is Better than this World

This world is a test for all of us but only believers understand its temporary nature. Many times, worldly things and desires make us forget to pray on time and keep us busy. But we should understand that nothing can be better than praying Salah.

If your Salah gets neglected due to your business, people or parties, you will remain empty-handed on the Day of Judgment.

The prayer of fajr has been emphasised more because the believers need to leave their bed and start the day with salah. As difficult as it sounds to us, the rewards will be unmeasurable and we will get a place in Jannah too.

Fajr Prayer Benefits & 8 Reasons to Never Miss It

7 – Fajr Prayer Gives Barakah and Mental Peace

When you wake up after the time of Fajr Prayer is over, you have a tinge of regret of missing salah that stays with you the whole day. You go to work and find about the deal, which was important, has been cancelled. Whatever you do is not up to the mark which makes you wonder why is this happening?

The only question that we should ask ourselves is, did I pray Fajr today?

When you start your day with the name of Allah, fajr prayer, Allah puts Barakah in everything. He grants you a sense of mental peace and showers countless blessings.

If you’re suffering from any type of stress, do go through our earlier post on Islamic Ways To Deal With Depression, Stress & Anxiety.

Fajr Prayer Benefits & 8 Reasons to Never Miss It

8 – The Immense Rewards of Fajr Prayer

We often pray our Salah in a hurry due to some urgency. This world keeps us busy and we don’t realise the grave mistake of ignoring our salah or offering them hastily. We should humbly kneel in front of Allah and recite every word properly.

When we pray the prayer of fajr, we should sit down and do Dhikr and recite the Quran. As Allah rewards us in a way we don’t expect. Prophet Muhammad PBUH has stated that Allah gives the rewards equal to Hajj and Umrah to those

Fajr Prayer Benefits & 8 Reasons to Never Miss It


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