10 Ayatul Kursi Benefits That Will Leave You Amazed

Ayatul Kursi Benefits: Ayatul Kursi is the 255th verse of the second chapter of the Quran In ‘Surah Baqarah.’ It is the greatest verse of the whole Quran because it mentions the Power and Sovereignty of Allah SWT.

Everything has its pinnacle and the pinnacle of the Quran is Surah al-Baqarah. In it there is an ayah which is the greatest in the Quran; Ayat-ul-Kursi. 


What are the Benefits of Reciting Ayatul Kursi?

This Magnificent verse states the sifat/qualities of Allah SWT that He’s Eternal, the Everlasting and nothing and no one can exist without His will. No sleep or slumber can affect Him and He’s the One who knows everything. Nothing can escape from His Perfect knowledge, as everything in the heaven and earth belongs to Him, making His power Absolute!

Unto Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth.” –

As He’s the Most Exalted and the Greatest!

Hazrat Ibn Masood (RA) said, “Allah the Lofty did not create anything in the skies or on earth, in Jannat or Jahannam, loftier than Ayatul Kursi.” Hazrat Ibn Masood (R.A) also mentioned that no space in the sky or on the earth is loftier than Ayatul Kursi.

10 Ayatul Kursi Benefits That Will Leave You Amazed  

How Majestic is it to worship a God with such great qualities and Who is one true Lord with His absolute Power! We must be Glorify His existence and thank Him for His blessing. We should have a burning urge to prostrate Him, be a Witness to His Supremacy and Sovereignty.

Leader of the Quran

Every word of the Quran is the miracle of Allah SWT and a guidebook for the believers. But certain verses have been regarded as important due to their qualities and the places Ayatul Kursi has also been regarded as the chief and leader of the Quran due to its beautiful description of Allah SWT absolute Sovereignty.

Hazrat Ali (R.A) says that the chief of the Ayats of the Quran Kareem is Ayatul Kursi.

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10 – Have A Heart of Shukr

When we know that Allah SWT has blessed us in many ways, we should bow ourselves in front of Him and be thankful to him.

Sometimes, we are living our life mechanically in such a manner that we don’t realize or see the blessings around us. Instead, we keep ourselves busy in this world, carrying out tasks and chores and taking every little blessing for granted. But at some point, we realize the emptiness that has been dwelling inside our ungrateful hearts.

But why do we have to be grateful to Allah SWT?

The question that often disrupts our mind.

The blessings when taken away by Him, then only we realize their importance. So why don’t we remind ourselves repeatedly to be grateful to Allah, who has blessed us immensely? And we make Shukr, He gives us more than we can comprehend.

When we recite the beautiful verses of Ayatul Kursi, we are accepting the truth of His Greatness. We are being grateful for His power as we say at the end ‘And He is the Most High, the Most Great. When we recite it after every salah, Allah SWT makes our heart grateful and full of His blessings.

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10 Ayatul Kursi Benefits That Will Leave You Amazed

9 – Protection from Difficulties

We all know that this world is a temporary place to live on and we all have to go back to Allah SWT one day. This life is full of improbable events that bring about hurtful consequences and leave us in a deep pit, with no way back to light.

The only hand that can bring us back to light is that of Allah SWT’s. But the doubt might cloud our judgment and we tend to forget the fact that there’s only Him, who can truly bring us back to life and help us face the hardships.

We must moist our tongues with His Dhikr and recite supplications, mentioning His glorification. We should put complete faith in Allah SWT that He will save us from falling deep down the pit.

Ayatul Kursi, which mentions the Omnipotence of Allah SWT saves us from such hardships and hurdles in life and protects us from falling into the trap of Shaitan. We must believe that everything belongs to Him alone, therefore only He and His dhikr can save us from this world’s tests. As He mentions in this Magnificent Ayah, ( Ayatul Kursi)

Allah! There is no god but He – the Living, The Self-subsisting, Eternal

10 Ayatul Kursi Benefits That Will Leave You Amazed

8 – A Ticket to Paradise

Paradise is the ultimate goal of every believer but we all get a little distracted in this faani Dunya. We sin, we ask for forgiveness and promise not to repeat the mistake. Sometimes Shaitan attacks us in the worst possible way that our Iman crumbles.

Dhikr of Allah SWT is also one way to pave the way towards our goal, paradise. We should recite duas and supplications, tasbeeh and make ourselves involved in His ibadah to achieve what is most desired by a believer.

Ayatul Kursi, when recited after an obligatory prayer, provides a certain kind of peace to us. And when It is recited regularly, it can earn us a ticket to Jannah. There will nothing that can stop him from entering the beautiful place except for Allah SWT and His wisdom.

10 Ayatul Kursi Benefits That Will Leave You Amazed

7 – A Peaceful Heart

The Quran that has been given to us as a mercy, is the miracle of Allah SWT. It was sent for our guidance so that we can curate our life according to our religion.

Every verse has been spoken by Allah SWT Himself but Ayatul Kursi is considered as the most magnificent of all the verses and the speech of Allah SWT. In this verse, Allah SWT has mentioned his Sifat (qualities) and His Greatness as His most Majestic names are mentioned in this verse ‘Al Hayyi, Al Qayyum ‘the Living, The Self-subsisting, Eternal.

Upon reciting Ayatul Kursi, we become the witness of the supremacy of Allah SWT as we know that He’s Eternal and The Ever-Living who doesn’t fall into slumber and nor does he forget or ignore anything. Everything is in His knowledge and He’s the One who plans every event in the Universe.

The acceptance of His power and supremacy by reciting this verse gives the believer an immense peace that whatever comes their way, they will be able to tackle it with the help of Allah SWT as He will protect them from difficulties and stresses of life.

10 Ayatul Kursi Benefits That Will Leave You Amazed

6 – Why You Should Recite Ayatul Kursi before Bed

When we lie on the bed, we are so tired that we immediately fall asleep or sometimes, use mobile phones and scroll aimlessly on social media. Then we complain of a restless night and a disturbed sleep.

What does it happen?

We as Muslims should take Allah’s name and recite supplications before going to sleep. So that we are protected from all kinds of bad dreams other evils that may harm us during the darkness of the night.

When we recite the most powerful verse of the Quran, Ayatul Kursi, Allah appoints an angel upon us for our protection. And we can sleep peacefully throughout the night under the Protection of the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth.

Abu Huraira said, “ALLAH’s Messenger (ﷺ) put me in charge of the Zakat of Ramadan (i.e. Zakat-ul-Fitr). Someone came to me and started scooping some of the foodstuff of (Zakat) with both hands. I caught him and told him that I would take him to ALLAH’s Messenger ﷺ.” Then Abu Huraira told the whole narration and added “He (i.e. the thief) said, ‘Whenever you go to your bed, recite the Verse of “Al-Kursi” (2.255) for then a guardian from ALLAH will be guarding you, and Satan will not approach you till dawn.’ ” On that the Prophet (ﷺ) said, “He told you the truth, though he is a liar, and he (the thief) himself was the Satan.”

Saheeh Al-Bukhari

10 Ayatul Kursi Benefits That Will Leave You Amazed

5 – Protection Against Shaitan

Shaitan is the most vicious enemy of the believers. He attacks him from every side as per his promise that he made to Allah SWT to make them fall in the darkness of sins.

I Will Give Them False Passions And Desires. (Al Quran: 4:119)

He makes us see things differently which may lead us astray. But there’s a tinge of Imaan in a Muslim’s heart that may be woken up with the help of Dhikr of Allah SWT. The verses of Allah soften a heartened heart and clear away the doubts that may have been coming in the way of their journey towards Allah.

Ayatul Kursi, when recited, protects a believer from every sort of attack of Shaitan. The evil whispers that deviate a believer from the right path are washed away by these beautiful and powerful verses.

10 Ayatul Kursi Benefits That Will Leave You Amazed

4 – Benefits of Reciting Ayatul Kursi in the Morning

When we start our day by scrolling through social media feeds and posting our morning routine, we should not hope to get a nice and fresh start to the day.

Why? Because our days should be started with the name of Allah SWT. But today, we are so caught up in our life that when we wake up, worries and stress mingle in our minds, making us forget to thank Allah for another day. We don’t want to pray fajr salah and recite duas as we just spring out of bed and get busy with the chores of this work.

Will all of this help us when we leave this temporary abode? We should freeze for a moment and ask ourselves this question.

We should start our day by thanking Allah for letting us live another day and offering morning prayers. It is advised to recite Ayatul Kursi to keep ourselves protected against odd circumstances and unforeseen events. It keeps us away from any harm that may come us in any form.

10 Ayatul Kursi Benefits That Will Leave You Amazed

3 – Protection of Wealth, Children and Home

When we leave the house to go somewhere, we are hesitant to leave it all alone. Our minds keep thinking about the things that could go wrong or someone might invade our house.

Similarly, when our children leave the house, we get anxious upon having them go out of our sight. We make countless phone calls to make sure they are doing well and reach their destination safely.

But, when we have the Kalaam and word of Allah, we should not worry about the safety of our wealth, children and home. Ayatul Kursi is the most powerful verse that builds a shield around them and protects them with the will of Allah SWT. No harm can be done under its protection until Allah SWT wills it.

We must make it a habit of reciting it when leaving the house and blow it on our children regularly.

2 – The Greatest Knowledge

Knowledge is the greatest power, we have always heard and found it true. We read thousands and thousands of books to find the answers to the question that disrupts our curious minds. We find out such jewels of knowledge that we consider ourselves wiser than others.

The knowledge that we often run after belongs to this Fa’ani world. We should also look for the pearls of wisdom that belong to our deen, find out what our Creator tells us to do and what makes Him Happy.

It is mentioned in a Hadith that learning Ayatul Kursi is acquiring the Greatest Knowledge as it is the greatest verse of the Quran. Because it mentions the beautiful truth of Allah’s supremacy and Omnipotence in the most Majestic way. We should always cherish it and adorn ourselves with this beautiful jewel.

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10 Ayatul Kursi Benefits That Will Leave You Amazed

1 – Protection Against Evils and Jins

Evil Eye And the presence of Jinn is the ultimate truth that has been mentioned by Allah SWT and his Prophet Muhammad PBUH. We fall sick, struck by the black magic or see something which should be kept hidden from the human eye, which makes us afraid and doubtful.

When we hold the rope of Allah tightly, we will not be harmed by any magic and the evil eye. Reciting Ayatul Kursi with other supplications keeps us safe from such evils. And strengthen our faith in Allah’s help and His power.


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