Importance of Friday in Islam: 13 Things Every Muslim Should Know

Allah SWT created everything, but He chose and preferred some of His creations over the others. His creations don’t only mean people, but also places and times as well. Not all times of the day, week, or year are equal.

Importance of Friday

Some months are preferred more over others like in a Hadith recorded by Imam Bukhari four months are mentioned as being more sacred than others, the Messenger of Allah said:

Importance of Friday

The same goes for days, some are more preferred over others. Abu Hurairah reported, the Messenger of Allah said:

importance of Friday

Significance Of Jummah

The Arabic word for Friday is Yaum al Jumma, which means a day of gathering or assembly. In ancient Arabia before Islam, Friday was known as al-Arubah which gives the same meaning as a nice day. It was changed to al Jummah by Ka‘b ibn Lu’ayy, the seventh grandfather of the Messenger of Allah, who used to gather the Quraish on a Friday.

A day of great value and merit, and has always been that way. The Messenger of Allah said:

Importance of Friday

Importance Of Friday In Light of Islamic Quotes

1 – A Day Of Eid

Allah SWT has made Friday a day of celebration for the Muslims. It was narrated by Ibn Abbas, the Messenger of Allah said:

Importance of Friday

2 – The Leader Of Days

Friday is the chief of days. It is narrated by Abu Lubabah, the Messenger of Allah said:

Importance of Friday

3 – Sins Are Forgiven

A week’s worth of minor sins will be forgiven. Abu Hurairah reported Allah’s Messenger as saying:

Importance of Friday

4 – A Surah Is Named After Friday

A whole chapter in the Quran is named after this day. And one of the Ayahs in the Surah is only where Friday is specifically mentioned by name.

Importance of Friday

5 – You Are Protected From Trials Of The Grave.

Another profound virtue, if a Muslim passes away on a Friday is that he is protected from trials of the grave. Abdullah bin Amr narrated, the Messenger of Allah said:

Importance of Friday

6 – Hour Of Acceptance

Friday contains that special hour in which supplications are accepted. Two blessed times are mentioned in Ahadith for that day.

  • During Khutbah (Friday sermon)
  • In the last hour before Asr

The Messenger of Allah said:

Importance of Friday

And the strongest of Hadith covers all time in general but the Messenger of Allah mentioned that the hour of acceptance is short and narrow, pointed out the shortness of the time with his hands. So spend most of your time supplicating you don’t know when that time is. The Messenger of Allah said:

Importance of Friday

7 – Holds A Deep Connection To Prophet Adam RA

Five significant events took place on Friday that is deeply connected to Prophet Adam RA:

Importance of Friday

8 – Friday Was The Day Our Religion Was Perfected

Islam was completed on the day which was ‘double eid’. It was the Day of Arafah which was on a Friday, hence double the significance. You can read more about the month of Dhul Hijah here.

Importance of Friday

On the authority Tariq ibn Shihab, Umar Bin Khattab said to a man from the Jews, who had inquired about the Ayah:

Importance of Friday

9 – Fear Of Having A Seal Placed Upon Your Heart

Muslims mustn’t neglect the Friday prayer, only some countries in the Middle East have declared it as a holiday, and people are usually free to prep for the Salah. But people living in countries where it is the last working day of the week, should be careful and not skip Friday prayer because of work or study, there is a danger of Muslims straying from the right path. It is narrated by a Companion of the Prophet PBUH, that the Messenger of Allah said:

Importance of Friday

10 – The Day Of Judgement Will Be On A Friday

Yawm al Jam is one of the names by which the day of judgment is mentioned in the Quran:

  • Quran 42:7- Day Of Gathering
  • Quran 64:9- The Day He Will Gather You

The word Jam comes from the root word Jumuáh, hence linking Friday and the Day of Judgement. Abu Hurairah narrated, the Messenger of Allah said:

Importance of Friday

11 – Fasting On Friday

Friday has been established as being an Eid day for us. It would explain why fasting only on a Friday is not advisable, it should be paired with Thursday or Saturday.

Importance of Friday

12 – Blessings Reach The Messenger Of Allah

The Messenger of Allah advised his Ummah to send blessings upon him in the form of Darood Shareef, especially on Friday when these should be significantly increased.

Importance of Friday

The Companions of the Prophet PBUH asked:

How will the blessings be presented to him, if his body has decayed?

The Messenger of Allah replied:

Importance of Friday

13 – Recitation Of Surah Kahf

One of the many acts of Sunnah performed on Friday, which holds numerous virtues.

Importance of Friday

First Jummah In Islamic History

When the Messenger of Allah migrated to Madinah he stayed on the outskirts of Madinah a place near Quba Masjid, the village of Banu Salim. It is there where he offered the first Jummah Salaah, in Masjid al- Jummah. Around one hundred Muslims stood for the first Jummah.

Importance of Friday

What do You Pray On Fridays?

Friday prayer is obligatory on anyone who hears the call.

Importance of Friday

Jummah prayer is offered right after midday or when the sun is declining.

The Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH before Jummah was to pray

  • 4 sunnah Ghair Muaákkadah
  • Next 2 Fardh (prayed in congregation),
  • Next 4 Sunnah Muaákkadah
Importance of Friday

Those who aren’t aware of Ghair Muaákadh and Muaákadah. Ghair Muaakadah means sometimes it is offered by the Messenger of Allah and sometimes it was left.

Sunnah Muaákadah means voluntary acts of worship, though it is not mandatory skipping it makes you blameworthy.

Importance of Friday

Friday Sunnah List

Importance of Friday

Importance Of Friday In Ramadan

Each day is equally important in the month of Ramadan. But since Friday holds many virtues and that too in the month of Ramadan, the reward of every act of worship increases considerably as promised by Allah SWT.

The Last Friday of Ramadan, is known as Jummah tul Wida, meaning Friday of farewell. People rank iT highly as the auspicious month is about to end, who knows whether they get to witness the next Ramadan.

Since there is no mention of it in the Quran and Sunnah, so there is no specific act of worship allotted for it either. But instead of wasting time in Iftar parties and potlucks make that day count by making dua and doing lots of Dhikr and recitation of Quran.


It’s Friday, the best day of the week is here. Make most of this day. Make the whole Ummah a part of your dua. May Allah fill our hearts with the blessings of Iman.

Can women go for Jummah prayer?

For women praying Jummah or any other Salah in the mosque isn’t an obligation, like it is for men. It is preferred for women to pray at home.

Is saying Jummah Mubarak advisable?

Something that isn’t part of our Sunnah should be avoided.

How long does Jummah last?

It varies from mosque to mosque. The Khutbah usually used to take 30 -40 mins, but because of covid restrictions, it has been shortened to 15-20 min. The Jummah prayer takes 5- 10 minutes. So it usually takes 30 -40 minutes.

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