14 Benefits of Darood Shareef & Its Importance

Benefits of Darood Shareef: Salawat; additionally called divine blessings on Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Darood Shareef or Darood-e-Ibrahim is an Islamic complimentary Arabic verse, which incorporates the salutation upon our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Blessings are always sent on Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), whenever we hear the Prophet’s name. It is also a main part of the tassahud during the five prayers of the Muslims.

What are the Benefits and Importance of Reciting Darood Shareef?

Darood e Ibrahim is definitely beneficial for all Muslims everywhere in the world. It is a Muslim’s belief that when a person recites it and additionally sends the Darood on Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), then Allah will reward him abundantly with His bounties. Furthermore, he will live in peace as well as be eternally satisfied with the benefits that he will reap by reciting Darood Shareef.

It is the trust and the faith that is given due importance to the fact that the recitation of Darood on the Muslim blessed day i.e. Friday is superior to any other day.

Give this article a thorough read as it will enlighten you on the benefits of Darood Shareef.

14 Benefits of Darood Shareef & Its Importance for Muslims

1. Importance of Recitation of Darood Through Quranic Verses

“Indeed, Allah confers blessing upon the Prophet, and His angels [ask Him to do so]. O you who have believed, ask [Allah to confer] blessing upon him and ask [Allah to grant him] peace.” [Quran, 33: 56]

The above-mentioned verse illustrates that the Most Merciful Himself bestows His favors upon Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and His angels are also showing reverence in the same manner. From this verse, we can easily understand that we should send the blessings on the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) with utmost respect and piety.

2. Benefits of Darood e Ibrahim according to Hadith.

Prophet (SAW) said: 

“On the Day of Judgement, the person closest to me will be the one who has sent the most Darood unto me.” (Tirmidhi).

The hadith is self-explanatory; any Muslim will not gain full faith until they love the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). It is basically showing our love for the Prophet, following his deeds, and remembering the Almighty in every second of our breathing life.

14 Benefits of Darood Shareef & Its Importance for Muslims

3. Miracles of Reciting Darood Shareef:

In India, a religious scholar passed away and it was seen that for a month, fragrance used to arise from his bed. Upon inquiry, it was observed that he used to recite Darood Shareef every Friday in his house.

 There have been numerous miracles recorded after the continuous recitation of the Darood.

4.Reciting Darood Shareef on Friday and its Benefits:

The Darood Shareef should always be recited with purity and affection. You can choose any Darood and any day to reap the benefits of the Darood Shareef. The best, however, is Darood e Ibrahim and the most favorable day is Friday. Whenever a person recites the Darood Shareef on Friday, his day will be blessed and filled with miracles. Allah Almighty blesses him 10 times over just after reciting the Darood once.

Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said in Hadith: “Whoever supplicates Allah to exalt for me, Allah would exalt him ten times.”(Muslim)

5. Benefits of Reciting Darood Sharif 1000 Times:

Reciting Darood Shareef if always beneficial for the person. It is believed that if a person recites Darood 1000 over, he will be washing away his sins and will be earning blessings abundantly. For every one Darood that is recited, 10 sins are removed and 10 rewards are added.

14 Benefits of Darood Shareef & Its Importance for Muslims

6. Closeness to Allah and the Prophet:

The recitation of Darood Ibrahim is the ultimate key. If you are reciting it non-stop, it will purify your heart and bring you closer to the Almighty and the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Here are some more qualities that can help you get closer to Allah.

14 Benefits of Darood Shareef & Its Importance for Muslims

7. Key to Heaven:

Once you feel the peace and the strength in your faith, Darood Shareef especially will help erase your minor sins, hence it is the key to heaven.

8. Abundance in Rizq:

We all believe that Rizq comes in three forms; knowledge, health and food or money. Darood Shareef recitation helps in increasing the flow of Rizq in your lives. It is one verse that will always calm you down in trying times and help you achieve courage and all your needs.

14 Benefits of Darood Shareef & Its Importance for Muslims

9. Prayers are Met:

Darood Shareef is so powerful that reciting it before and after a supplication once, thrice or five times makes the prayer more reachable to the Almighty. Here are some more tips on how to get your dua accepted.

10. Remember Forgotten Things:

Whenever you forget something, recite Darood Shareef and forgotten things will come to mind.

11. Importance of Darood Shareef and Anger Issues:

Whenever you are angry, recite Darood Shareef, it will calm you down instantly.

12. Absence of Poverty:

The recitation of Darood Ibrahim helps in the reduction of poverty. I recommend that you read it along with these duas to increase rizq.

13. Closeness to Allah Almighty:

You become content with what is given to you by the Almighty and gratitude paves way in your heart. Thus, it brings you closer to Allah.

14. Desires and Benefit of Reciting Darood:

As already mentioned, these beautiful verses, though short in length have a long-term effect. Whatever a Muslim desires, adding Darood in your supplication will help in achieving your needs and wants.

In this materialistic world today, everyone is surrounded by problems and issues. What is the therapy for these worries? The cause is that this that we’ve become slaves to our desires, and we have weakened our link with that exalted Being who’s Almighty Allah’s. He has compassion for all humanity and for all times. Darood Shareef has been given to us with utmost importance to strengthen our relationship with our religion and faith.

In short, Darood Shareef is only asking Allah to bestow his bounties on the mortal being constantly and trying to achieve. Fulfilling all other obligations and religious duties are of significant value but adding Darood Shareef will increase the rewards 10 times over for every time you read it. You are sending your worries and miseries away and finding your way forward in a religious and pious manner.


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