Cursing In Islam – 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

Cursing in Islam: Since a young age, we were always advised not to curse. We were told about how it is, a bad habit that we must not indulge in. Have we forgotten that? Because recently, all that we see around us is violence, aggression, and people trying to participate profoundly in hate speech.

It may be that we have forgotten that Islam is the religion of peace. It has always promoted the concept of brotherhood, peace, and love to everyone around us. We may have become victims of such violent acts in our lives but this is not what our religion teaches us.

Hence, in this blog, we will be discussing cursing and its punishment in Islam. It is time that we look into ourselves and revise the Islamic teachings.

What is meant by Cursing?

Cursing can be of different types. The main form of cursing is to say something foul to someone when in anger, or call out someone by ridiculing them with offensive jokes, or even when someone is used to uttering these bad words in normal conversation.

On the other hand, if someone wishes a misfortune for another person, that may also be called cursing. It is kind of an angry wish that you make for someone, hoping that they will be faced with a terrible situation, sooner or later.

What Does Islam Say About Cursing?

Having learned this, let us see what Islam has to say about such an act. Is cursing Haram? Is it okay to make jokes about someone? Does joking also constitute as cursing? These ahadith and ayaat will surely clear these queries for you.

11. Punishment of the Grave

According to this quote by Hazrat Ali, the curser will be punished for every curse word he uttered in this life in the form of a scorpion in his grave. This alone is enough to send chills down one’s spine. Here are some more Hazrat Ali Quotes.

Cursing In Islam - 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

10. Quote on Cursing from the Quran

Cursing In Islam - 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

In this ayat, it is clearly stated that one must not ridicule anyone. You may not know the outcome of that joke, but your friend could be hurt by your offensive nicknames. It helps us analyze that people, out of ignorance, often make fun of other people. But what if the person you just ridiculed, is better than you in terms of Imaan?

After all, Imaan is the only thing that can set us up or lower us down. If you have done so in the past, you must repent, not only to Allah, but also to the person you ridiculed.

9. Hadith on Cursing

In this Hadith by Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), it is coherently described that anyone who curses and uses foul language in their daily conversations, will be amongst the inmates of Hell.

Cursing In Islam - 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

The thing to ponder about is the fact that the Hadith does not just describe this testament for people who are cursing in anger, but even for people who use foul language as a joke. May Allah help us and protect us from being vile to others. Ameen.

8. Cursing Brings The Curse Of Allah

Allah o Akbar. What is worse than invoking the curse of Allah? This Hadith by Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), narrated by Samurah Ibn Jundub (RA), describes how a person is directly facing the wrath of Allah if he or she curses.

They may also increase their chances of going to Hell on the Day of Judgement if they continue to follow such behavior unless they repent.

Cursing In Islam - 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

7. Rank Is Decreased In The Hereafter

If you use foul language against someone, they are most likely to develop uneasiness, malice, and hatred towards you. That is not how anyone would want to spend their lives, starting wars they do not even know have started.

Moreover, if a person has been hurt by you, that calls for the disobedience of Huqooq-ul-Ibaad, which itself is a big sin. Here are some more Islamic Quotes on Haqooq ul Ibad & Its Significance.

Cursing In Islam - 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

6. The Curse Travels Back And Forth

This Hadith by Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), narrated by Imam Baqir provides a unique perspective on life.

As you can see that, there may be times when a curse by someone may be valid. Only if the person in front of you deserves this curse. However, that is not a risk that you should take as we have studied just above, we do not know who might be better than us. If we are worthy of that curse, it might just be that we are cursing ourselves.

Cursing In Islam - 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

5. Believers Do Not Curse

If you are a believer and wish to be one, then you should hear this Hadith by Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.;

Cursing In Islam - 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

It clearly states that a believer does not indulge in such a foul act. Instead, he maintains “Sabr” and remains quiet if he is angered. The Prophet P. B. U. H. is the biggest example for us. He (P. B. U. H) has said;

Cursing In Islam - 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

4. Call for Destruction

Another Hadith tells us the importance of avoiding curses. Therefore, if we adopt the sin of cursing as a habit, destruction would be our inevitable fate. However, this time, it is for the Ummah and not addressed to a single person.

As you can see, it clearly considers cursing as a major sin.

Cursing In Islam - 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

3. Cursing May Open Up a Door Of Sin

In this Hadith, Prophet P. B. U. H. has said;

Cursing In Islam - 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

Hence, we must avoid cursing not only because it is sinful and holds great accountability in Qiyamah but also to refrain from further sins. As this Hadith shows, the curser may fall and do more sins if he adopts this habit of using abusive language.

2. Allah Loves Those Who Refrain from Cursing

If you are hurt by someone close or even a stranger, you must avoid cursing and using foul words. As Allah has clearly stated in this ayat,

Cursing In Islam - 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

It is always better to forgive and move on. Not only will you be rewarded in your current life but you will have the status of the Sabireen in the Hereafter if you hold onto your Sabr.

1. Allah Will Forgive Who Repents

In this ayat, Allah Ta’la says;

Cursing In Islam - 11 Quotes on Cursing & Its Punishment

You can see how much emphasis is carried on the fact that a Muslim does not heed to such an act. He will always try to be the better version of himself for he knows how bad it is to curse his Muslim brother. However, there is always hope in Islam as you can see in the above ayat. If you have cursed, you may repent, and Allah will forgive. In Shaa Allah. Here are all the Amazing Benefits of Istighfar & How to do Istighfar.

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