8 Best Islamic Channels on YouTube for Adults to Watch 2024

Islamic channels on Youtube for adults: Technology has played a pivotal role in the spread of Islam, i.e., Da’wah. There is no denying that the rapid popularity of the internet and social media has positively impacted access to Divine Guidance. Adults and children can both benefit immensely from an encyclopedia of Islamic information presented in an attractive manner through Islamic channels on YouTube.

These Islamic channels on YouTube with authentic information are a source of guidance for many people. We can rectify most of our concepts and knowledge through them. When you start to scroll and search for reliable Islamic YouTube channels, you will come across many options. These channels range from Islamic history, stories of prophethood, Hadith explanations to several other topics related to the religion Islam and Quran. 

What Are The Top Islamic Youtube Channels?

We have searched the best-known Islamic channels on YouTube that will facilitate your quest for the right guidance. Below are the best-known Islamic channels on YouTube fulfilling the purpose of enlightening the adults. You can also go through our list of the Best YouTube channels for children.

8 Best Islamic Channels on YouTube for Adults to Watch 2024

1 – Merciful Servant

The merciful servant is known to be a large network on YouTube with a compilation of authentic Hadith, Quran, and Sunnah. The channel has more than 3.78M subscribers and is beautifully portraying a comprehensive view of Islam and its teachings. It instills love and respect for Islam and has gathered all the relevant information by all means in one spot. The merciful servant came into being in 2010. Not only does it has a huge number of people following, but it also guides you towards the betterment of your life and hereafter.

2 – The Daily Reminder

A versatile Islamic channel on YouTube sharing a vast spectrum of knowledge from the Quran and Hadiths. Not only does it have millions of subscribers, but it gains a good amount of views since it’s a platform of engaging the adults towards their last journey and how they can improve their life and death in accordance with the principles of Islam. The channel came into being in 2011 with almost 1.14M subscribers.

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3 – Talk Islam

Islam is a religion of peace and harmony and that’s what this channel teaches us. It’s a channel based on the collaboration of multiple topics that can cater to your basic life problems and their solution in the light of Islam. So it modifies our beliefs and extends our knowledge with authenticity. The channel has almost 824K subscribers and it came into being in 2007.

4 – Islamic Guidance

“To err is human” is a well-said quote that magnifies the statement that a human makes mistakes and to overcome those mistakes, guidance is needed. In this era where technology rules, it’s easier to preach guidance of Islam to the misguided ones. Islamic Guidance is a YouTube channel with a large number of people following, who come up with various topics and their discussions, their solutions and guidance towards the right path. 

5 – The Prophet’s Path

This YouTube channel sheds light on the lifestyle of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h). If you are willing to live your life according to the teachings of our Prophet then this is your go-to YouTube channel. With a considerable number of views of its videos, it is a great learning resource for all of us. So bring your life in order and follow The Prophets Path, follow his teachings and actions and instill his lifestyle in your lives. The best way to bring the Prophet’s life into our lives is to follow the Hadiths. It showcases various incidents that took place in his life and how he dealt with them all. The channel has almost around 1.35M subscribers and it came into being in 2012.

6 – ILovUAllah

Do you feel abandoned, hopeless or lost? Connect your soul with this YouTube channel. You’ll not only feel guided and protected but it’s a great source of strengthening your faith as well. Sometimes life occupies us with difficulties and it’s illusions and we feel misguided and aloof. When you feel that life has knocked you down then it’s the perfect position to pray, repent and find the virtuous path. Fill up your knowledge bucket through these relevant resources and recommend it to others as well so that they can also lighten up their lives with the knowledge of Islam. I Love You Allah has almost 1.8M subscriptions and it came into being in 2012. Here are some of our favorite Quotes That Prove Allah is The Best Planner of All Affairs.

7 – AJ Official

AJ Official is a Pakistani channel and if you are looking for Islamic demonstrations in Urdu then it’s the most suited channel for you. AJ Official has almost 7.87M subscribers where it signifies videos of an Islamic scholar. Numerous topics are being discussed every day in the channel. The people listen to it and take guidance. With a single YouTube channel, it caters to a great number of people, their questions and works on perfecting their lives as per the requirements of our religion. It furnishes your faith and freshens up the soul. The channel came into being in 2014. 

8 – Muslim Central

Muslim Central is a non-profit organization that features messages in the form of short clips related to Islam and resurrection. There are several speakers from all across the world who contribute their knowledge and share it on this page. It’s a great learning resource for adults. There are different categories of discussions. Each specifies the importance of Islam, virtues and rewards, punishments and the day of judgment. However, the channel also publishes discussions on current topics like Zil Hajj and its importance, the sacrifice of animals, Hajj and its performance, Eid and its celebration. The channel came into being in 2015 in South Africa and it has almost 315K subscribers. 


Hence, YouTube is a learning platform for not only kids but adults and aged ones too. In short, it’s a guiding source for anyone who is willing to seek repentance, guidance and religion. 

The Islamic scholars and preachers use YouTube to educate people with the knowledge derived from Quran and sunnah from all across the globe. 


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