10 Islamic Quotes on Courage, Bravery & Fearlessness

Islamic quotes on courage: Courage and bravery are great moral values for our personality and vital for being a strong Muslim. However, it is not only the physical strength that makes one brave but also the internal character that shapes one into a courageous person.

Why Is Courage Important in Islam?

Muslims, both Muslim males and females, are advised not to fall weak. We have examples from the life of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him and his companions, who have time and again fought gallantly. It’s one’s faith in the Creator, Allah SWT, that gives the power and strength to face challenging times and stand firm.

1 – Definition of a Strong Person According to Hadith

The following is the explanation of a strong man in light of Islam given by Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessings Upon Him.

10 Islamic Quotes on Courage, Bravery & Fearlessness

Read on to learn more about bravery and courageousness in Islam in the light of authentic Hadith and Quranic quotes. We hope these Islamic quotes on courage will help us and our youth be robust Ummah.

2 – Prophet Muhammad PBUH: An Icon for Bravery 

Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Upon Him) was and is undoubtedly the epitome of bravery amongst many other positive traits that he possessed.

The bravery of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is recorded in many books of Sunnah. In one narration, Anas RAA reported once, the people in Madina got scared of strange noise, and a few people even came outside their houses and went towards the place where the noise was coming. As they proceeded, they met Prophet Muhammad PBUH, who was already returning from the site where the noise was coming from.

The following Hadith on courage was said by the Prophet PBUH to keep others calm: 

10 Islamic Quotes on Courage, Bravery & Fearlessness

3 – With Hardship Comes Ease

Trials and tribulations are part of life. Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran as highlighted in the verse below that not to despair of Allah’s mercy as with hardship Allah promises ease. However, in turbulent times one should never give up hope, patience and prayers.

10 Islamic Quotes on Courage, Bravery & Fearlessness

4 – Hold on to One’s Faith: The key to Being Fearless

Faith in Allah SWT and His decree is one of the fundamentals of Islam. It paves the way for being close to Him when one is distressed and primarily when one desperately seeks strength in challenging times. The following Quranic verse reflects that faith in Allah and being hopeful go side by side.

10 Islamic Quotes on Courage, Bravery & Fearlessness

Many ways can increase the Imaan (Faith) which leads to being courageous. Some of the methods are:

  • Regularly reading Quran with translation
  • Doing one’s Tazkiya (regular self-assessment)
  • Fulfilling all the obligations of Islam
  • Staying in the company of virtuous people and
  • Attending gatherings where Quran is reminded.

5 – Significance of a Strong Believer

The following gems of wisdom by Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessings Upon Him highlight the significance of a strong believer. So why shouldn’t we all strive to become strong and brave Muslims?

10 Islamic Quotes on Courage, Bravery & Fearlessness

6 – Strive to Shun Injustice

The concept of Jihad in Islam is about fighting with one’s nafs to counter evil. This includes speaking up against immorality and injustices in a civilized manner and aiming to bring peace. Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad PBUH appreciate this act of boldness in Islam to raise a voice against oppression.

The following verse indicates that one should not be a pessimist and understand that at all times we should rely on Allah SWT. However, it should be remembered that along with trust in Allah, one should practically implement to curb evil in the society. For this bravery and fearlessness are required.

10 Islamic Quotes on Courage, Bravery & Fearlessness

Once Prophet Muhammad PBUH was asked about the best kind of Jihad. Prophet Muhammad PBUH replied, “A word of truth spoken before an unjust rulers” (Sunan an-Nisai). This Hadith of being fearless in Islam holds true for history and in current times. In modern days, social media plays a vital role in getting your voice of justice across to the masses. 

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7 – Trials are a Part of Life

The following verse states that the test of Allah SWT can be part of life. It can come in any form. At the same time, Allah gives glad tidings to the Muslims who courageously face those trials. The Muslim who is strong from within will act in situations strongly too.

Here are some Quotes That Prove Allah is The Best Planner of All Affairs.

10 Islamic Quotes on Courage, Bravery & Fearlessness

8 – Be Positive 

Inculcate positive vibes. Kick-off anger for the decisions made in anger and haste makes one regret later. By staying calm and composed, one can accept failures in life, learn from mistakes and plan the next strategy courageously.

10 Islamic Quotes on Courage, Bravery & Fearlessness

9 – Never Give Up

Patiently, losses should be considered the decree of Allah, and one should keep on striving and not give up. 

10 Islamic Quotes on Courage, Bravery & Fearlessness

10 – Bravery of the Prophet PBUH & his Companions

Islam has a rich history of all the Prophets and other pious people who bravely fought against the challenging situations they faced such as the Story of Prophet Nuh (AS).

10 Islamic Quotes on Courage, Bravery & Fearlessness

Read out stories to children of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Caliphs, and other sahibis (companions) and how fearlessly they countered adverse situations. In this era where children have superheroes as their ideals, we need to have interesting workshops with children where we have Muslim superheroes examples. One example can be how Muhammad Bin Qasim who was just a teenager demonstrated his brave skills.

Hence, Islam lays utmost importance on patience, bravery and not giving up hope. We are blessed to have examples of Muslim icons in history and even around us today who prove that one need not be oppressed and take action against injustice towards anyone.

Islam is undoubtedly a religion of peace and teaches its followers to practice peace and harmony. It is pertinent for parents to instill the right moral values in their children when raising them so that endurance and courage become part of their personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How did companions of the Holy Prophet PBUH deal with matters?

Bakr ibn Abdullah reported: The companions (Sahabis) of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, would throw melons at each other for fun, but if matters became severe, they would be real men. (Source: al-Adab al-Mufrad 261)

Q. What does the Holy Quran say about being firm in the difficult times?

One of the beautiful verses of the Holy Quran states, “For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease…Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. So when you have finished [your duties], stand up [for worship]. And to your Lord direct [you’re] longing.” This gives hope to Muslims to be optimistic and not give up hope.

Q. What does Islam and Holy Quran say about courage?

The Holy Quran states :
“And whoever is patient and forgiving, these most surely are actions due to courage.”(Surah ash-Shura).

Q. What did Luqman advice his son about courage?

In the Holy Quran, Surah Luqman is stated: “O my son! keep up prayer and enjoin the good and forbid the evil, and bear patiently that which befalls you; surely these acts require courage”

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