5 Most Beautiful Duas For Fathers That We Should All Recite

Duas for Fathers: Love itself is an irreplaceable emotion, no one in this world can replace that. And when it comes to love no one can love us more than our parents do. The unconditional, the purest form of love that they hold in their hearts, the affection in their action can’t ever be counted and it can never be replaced by anyone.

It is quite impossible to return it equally, the devotion and affection they put out in bringing us up, without even expecting a return, the sacrifices they give for us, and the hardships they bear just to fulfill their children’s dreams, is out of this world.

How to Pray for Your Father?

In our last post, we discussed 50 Islamic Quotes on Parents. Talking about parental love, think of your father who we mostly take for granted. We don’t take into account the efforts he put in to fulfill our desires, to see the smile on our faces, from the very early morning till late night he put the best of efforts.

Even when he is going through hard times, he won’t ever tell you that, even when he is not feeling well, he will still go to his job to earn money for the home. Your father can’t see the tears in your eyes, he won’t ever let you go to sleep with an empty stomach, he gives all his best to give you the best life. He may not be that expressive, but he loves you as no one will ever be able to love you.

5 Most Beautiful Duas For Fathers That We Should All Recite

For everything he does for you, there is nothing you can do to come up to the level of returning that. The best you can do for him other than making him satisfied from your side, and can make dua for him. You can ask Almighty Allah for his long and healthy life, a peaceful and a life full of happiness. And if he is not alive, you can still pray for him, hence, you can give him the gift of duas anytime in every situation. Because when you can’t anything, you can still pray, when no one listens, Allah does. So, pray for your father whenever you can.

Here are some of the duas for your dad that you can recite for him:

5. Dua For Father’s Health And Long Life

We all want our fathers to live the longest life with the best of health. And what we can do for them is to pray for them with all our hearts. Because Allah Almighty never refuses our prayers, especially, when they are for our father. As it is stated in a hadith, that the father’s supplications are among the three prayers that never go unanswered in the court of Allah Almighty, he always listens to them and fulfills them, this is the place a father beholds in Islam.

Our parents are the most genuine people for us, and their life is the most important for us no child can see their parents going sick. When to comes to father, he is like the foundation of a house on which the whole home stands. And when he gets sick, the whole world feels like collapsing. Father is that figure who works day and night without caring about his health, he is the one who holds the steering wheel of a family and guides them in whatever step they need. A father is like that umbrella who protects you from the heavy rain without even caring if he is covered or not. And when that driving force of a family gets sick, it feels like the world has stopped for that family.

You must pray for your father, after offering Salah, and anytime you make contact with Allah through your duas, pray for your father as well, here is this dua for father health that you can recite:

5 Most Beautiful Duas For Fathers That We Should All Recite

You should always make dua for father health and long life and remember him in your prayers, as parents never forget to pray for their kids and we should always keep on praying for them whenever it crosses our mind.

4. Dua For Father Who Is Deceased

There is no replacement of parents, the genuine love they have for us, the care, and sincerity, no one can do that much for you. It’s a reality of life that everyone has to die, we all have to leave this world one day, but losing parents gets unbearable, no one and nothing can compensate for that loss. At that time, it feels like, we are left alone in this world and every other relationship starts looking strange to us.

You should spend as much good time with your parents as you can. Make them happy and satisfied with yourself. Take care of them when they are sick, never hurt them by your actions or words. Disobeying them is considered one of the major sins in Islam. Because when are gone, there’s nothing left for you except for regretting your past behavior, and when they are gone no one is there is to make dua for you.

You must make dua for your father who is passed away, as he has always done for you in his life. This is the dua that you can recite:

5 Most Beautiful Duas For Fathers That We Should All Recite

Here are Duas for Jannah/Paradise and Protection from Hell Fire that you can also make for your parents.

3. Dua For Mercy For Father

When they are deceased away, pray for them even more than before. At this time, they will need your prayers the most. Pray to the Lord for your father’s forgiveness, that Allah makes his next life easy and forgive him if he has done wrong in his life, and have mercy on him. 

5 Most Beautiful Duas For Fathers That We Should All Recite

2. Dua For Father In Quran

In many places in Quran, the importance of the father has been stated. In Islam, a father has given the highest rank after Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Quran has emphasized a lot the rank of a father through the stories of different prophets, like Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Yaqoob, Prophet Luqman, and our Prophet Muhammad, and many others. As Quran explains his rank in the following verse;

5 Most Beautiful Duas For Fathers That We Should All Recite

1. Dua By Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

We have been asked multiple times to pray for our father, in Quran and Hadith. Even if they are not alive, we must pray for their forgiveness, and Allah to grant him mercy.  Our Prophet Muhammad always encourages us to make dua for our parents and there are many duas for father in Quran, as well. He states;

5 Most Beautiful Duas For Fathers That We Should All Recite

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