7 Best Muslim Commanders and Generals of All Time

Best Muslim Commanders: Since its inception, Islam has grown fast over various continents. There have been many outstanding Islamic warriors who have accepted the task of facing Islam’s foes. It is difficult to dispute that some of history’s finest combatants and military strategists were Muslim, due to which the Islamic empires have lasted for centuries.

Bravest Muslim Military Leaders in History

While there are hundreds of Muslim commanders and leaders with amazing accomplishments, here are some of the most popular and most loved ones:

1 – Bravest Man in Islamic History: Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA)

He was a well-known scholar, a valiant soldier, and an outstanding public speaker. Of the 10 persons who received the news of Paradise, Ali Ibn Abu Talib (R.A.) was one. The gallantry of Ali (R.A.) was well recognized.

With the exception of the Battle of Tabuk in the ninth Hijri year, where the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) had appointed Ali (R.A.) as the city’s governor, he took part in practically all of the battles against the infidels that took place during that period.

The first of the three one-on-one matches pitted Ali against Walid ibn Utba, a ferocious fighter from Mecca. Walid was slain after exchanging a few strikes. The battle was ended by midday and the Quraysh were forced to flee. Seventy of the enemy had died, and Ali had killed 35 of the enemy’s heroes and leaders.

There’s so much we can learn from the life of Hazrat Ali and his quotes as he continues to be a source of inspiration for the world.

7 Best Muslim Commanders and Generals of All Time

2 – Most Powerful Muslim Ruler in History: Tariq Bin Ziyad (RA)

In the history of Islam, Tariq bin Ziyad is regarded as one of the most significant military leaders. 10,000 Berbers who had converted to Islam and 300 Arabs made up Tariq’s army, which arrived at Gibraltar. 

When Tariq bin Ziyad noticed that the Muslim ranks were becoming a little apprehensive due to the sizeable opposition positioned in front of them, he gave the order to fire the ships before giving the Mujahedeen the moving and historic speech. On Ramadan 28, 92 AH, King Roderic was slain and his army was defeated at the Battle of Guadalete.

After learning of the impressive victory, Commander Musa bin Nusair hurried to Spain with a second, substantial army of 18,000 people. As a result, over two-thirds of the Iberian Peninsula was occupied by the two generals.

The Pyrenees were eventually cleared, and Lyons, France, was taken over. From 711 to 1492, Muslims ruled Spain, a period spanning more than 750 years. Tariq’s invasion of Spain occupies a special position in the history of medieval warfare due to its speedy execution and overwhelming success.

7 Best Muslim Commanders and Generals of All Time

3 – Best Fighter in Islamic History: Osman 1

The Ottoman Empire was established by Osman I, sometimes known as Osman Ghazi or, more often, Othman. Facts concerning Osman are few and far between because there aren’t many historical documents that were written during his lifetime. The Ottomans did not document Osman’s life until the fifteenth century, and not a single written source from his reign has survived.

Osman’s success as a conquest fighter was greatly influenced by the location of his Beylik from a military perspective. The Ottomans made significant progress under his rule in moving away from their nomadic tribal structure and establishing permanent bases.  They were able to strengthen their position as a result and grow quickly into a massive and powerful empire.

7 Best Muslim Commanders and Generals of All Time

4 – Best Muslim Commander: Abd El Karim

During the Rif War (1922–1926) against Spanish and French control in North Africa, Abd el-Krim led the Berber soldiers. He was a talented strategist and organizer who led a freedom struggle that made him a Muslim hero.

More than 300 detainees were taken prisoner, approximately 8,000 and 10,000 Spanish soldiers were slain, and all the area that Spain had acquired in the eastern portion of the protectorate was recovered. Abd el-Krim and his movement were launched onto the international scene by their stunning victory over the Spanish at Annoual.

In the Islamic world, he was celebrated as a hero, and on a global scale, he stood as an example of a valiant soldier who stood up to European colonization.

7 Best Muslim Commanders and Generals of All Time
Muhammad ibn Abd al Karim al Khattabi

5 – Greatest Muslim General: Khalid Ibn Al- Walid

He was proficient in horsemanship and archery at a young age. In later years, he employed the spear as a potent weapon against his adversaries. However, his sword abilities and speed were his forte, which was a favor from Almighty Allah. He was able to pull the arrow while riding and moving with accuracy.

At Muta, present-day Jordan, he led the first military campaign under the Muslim flag. After the Byzantines massacred Muslims in the Levant region, the Muslim and Byzantine forces engaged in combat. For the battle, the Romans gathered 200,000 soldiers, while the Muslim army had just 3,000 soldiers.

In order to instill dread in the Byzantines and give the impression that additional troops had come, he cunningly rearranged the Muslim army’s right and left wings and advanced a battalion from the rear. The troops then safely returned to Madinah as he made his return. During this battle, the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) referred to Khalid as Saifullah, or Allah’s Sword.

7 Best Muslim Commanders and Generals of All Time

6 – Best Muslim Conqueror: Tipu Sultan

Hyder Ali’s son Tipu was born at Devanahalli in 1750 and was given the name Tippu Mastan Awliya of Arcot. During his reign, he implemented a lot of administrative changes. He increased the number of Mysorean rockets with iron cases and approved Fathul Mujahidin, a military handbook.

During the Anglo-Mysore Wars, he used the rockets to block British advances and those of their allies, especially at the Battle of Pollilur and the Siege of Srirangapatna. After attacking the British-aligned Travancore in 1789, Tipu remained a ferocious adversary of the British East India Company.

7 Best Muslim Commanders and Generals of All Time
Napolean and Tipu Sultan

7 – Legendary Islamic Warrior: An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub

He was the Muslim ruler of Syria and Egypt who, in 1187, heroically destroyed a vast Crusader army in the War of Hattin and conquered Jerusalem. He governed a united Muslim area spanning from Egypt to Arabia at the height of his reign. Muslims all around the globe and many Westerners praised Saladin for his leadership, military prowess, kindness, and valor.

Muslims like him are truly an inspiration for those who want to learn about the concept of Leadership in Islam

7 Best Muslim Commanders and Generals of All Time


Why Ali is called Lion of Allah?

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) is said to have given Ali (R.A.) the title Asadullah (Lion of God) and praised him after Ali beat Amr ibn Abd al-Wud in the Battle of the Trench.

Who defeated Osman Gazi?

Osman Gazi was undefeated. He died between ye years 1323 and 1324 and was succeeded by Orhan.

Who was the first Muslim commander?

Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib is recorded as the first Muslim commander.

How many battles did Khalid Ibn al Walid win?

Khalid Ibn al Walid (R.A.) fought 41 major battles and 100 in total if you count the smaller conquests. It is pertinent to note that he never lost one.

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