Author: Najia

Hi, I'm Najia Navaid - a business graduate by degree but writer and entrepreneur by passion. You will find me behind a laptop screen or a bucket-sized cup of green tea, while simultaneously trying to save both from the wrecking hands of my toddler. Writing, for me, began as reading; I would breathe in characters, dialogues, and descriptions and breathe out characters and plots of my own. Very soon, I began to enjoy the words more than the story itself because that's what so much reading does to you - you start to appreciate the pure genius behind stringing together a bunch of words to create a mind-blowing impact. You find yourself stunned by how beautifully the sentences are woven together instead of how cleverly the scenes are numbered. As a freelancer and full-time mom, I am constantly juggling deadlines and scraped knees. I hope to one day build a blog of my own that people all over the world will read and love and be able to relate to for a little bit of warmth in this chilly world.