30+ Eid-ul-Fitr Islamic Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Eid-ul-Fitr Islamic Quotes and Wishes. In the end of holy month of Ramadan, Muslims all around the world get themselves prepared to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. Millions of believers rejoice and celebrate the biggest Islamic Festival named “Eid-ul-Fitr”.

The celebrations begins from offering Eid prayers, Greeting Muslims Brothers by hugging each other and giving Charity to the needy ones, ones who cannot afford to buy themselves new clothes or food for themselves or their families on Eid.

What are the Islamic Ways of Wishing on Eid ul Fitr

Virtually sharing Eid wishes and greetings has now become the part of modern world. Right below you will find Islamic quotes emphasizing on the significance of Islamic festival and beautifully crafted Eid cards to send to your friends and families to share the joy of Eid.

Eid-ul-Fitr Islamic Quotes and Wishes


Islamic Wishes for Eid (40)


Islamic Wishes for Eid (41)


Islamic Wishes for Eid (42)


Partying, music and dance are the first elements that come to one’s mind when a celebration is purposed but in Islam, the biggest festival of Eid’s celebration starts right from giving charity to ones who need it the most. Here are 20+ Islamic Quotes on Charity.

eid mubarak messages for muslims

↓ 5 – Blessings of Success, Happiness and Peace For Everyone

Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood and Eid signifies serenity and humanity for not only Muslims but to everyone around the globe.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (2)

↓ 6 – Exchange Loving Wishes On Eid

Get some light floral touch on your Eid dresses and Eid greeting cards as well. Beat summers heat with floral designed light colored Eid dresses and Eid greeting cards.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (3)

↓ 7 – Eid Wishes For Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Eid is for everyone so enjoy and celebrate!

Islamic Wishes for Eid (4)

↓ 8 – Celebrations of Eid – ul – Fitr

Creatively made Eid greeting card is just the right choice to send it to your family who lives distantly so that your love and affection to them can be conveyed no matter how far they live.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (5)


↓ 9 – Eid Is Muslims’ Christmas

Just like Christians celebrate Christmas with zeal and zest. Similarly we Muslims celebrate the biggest Islamic festival with respect, enthusiasm and serenity.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (6)

↓ 10 – Spiritual Aspect of Eid

Spread the love and joys to everyone this Eid. Here are 40 + Islamic love Quotes for Husbands.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (7)

↓ 11 – Eid Wishes For Over The Globe Muslims

Simple, Elegant and yet perfect Eid message suitable to send to anyone of any age.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (8)

↓ 12 – Sharing The Joy Of Eid Together

Glittering Eid joys are just around the corner so why not handing over a glittering Eid card to someone who you love or like.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (9)

↓ 13 – Love Shines Like Diamond On Eid

As pure as running stream water and as shinny as Diamond is our love and affection to everyone who believes in love, peace and humanity.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (10)

↓ 14 – Eid Is Reward Of Ramadan

After continuous fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan, give yourself a break and enjoy wonderful food and celebrate Eid with real Islamic spirit but don’t forget to share your joy with the ones who are poor and cannot afford to buy a good quality food for themselves and their families.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (11)

↓ 15 – Fun and Merry On Eid

Have fun and enjoy Eid with zeal and zest but don’t forget to wish the same to your elders and the ones who are younger than you.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (12)

↓ 16 – Prosperous Eid Day For Everyone

May this  Eid and every Eid to come become prosperous and bright for each and every human being living on earth.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (13)

↓ 17 – Spread Cheer Among Your Near and Dear

Islamic Wishes for Eid (14)

↓ 18 – Auspicious Eve Of Eid

Be crafty this Eid and get your hands on some paper and crafts and not to miss any chance to make Eid day a real Big day for your friends and family.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (15)

↓ 19 – Share Eid Greetings With Pleasure

Be happy and share bright smiles on this beautiful event of Eid.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (16)

↓ 20 – Hand Picked Eid Card

You can have a printable version of any hand picked Eid greeting card to show your loved ones that how special they are to you. Also have a look at these 50 Islamic Quotes about Success with Images.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (17)

↓ 21 – Heart Touching Eid Wishes

Grab the printed version of below Eid greeting card for him.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (18)

↓ 22 – Eid Is Festival Of Joy

Islamic Wishes for Eid (19)

↓ 23 – Eid : Biggest Muslim Festival

Islamic Wishes for Eid (20)

↓ 24 – Warm Eid Wishes

Islamic Wishes for Eid (21)

↓ 25 – Joys and Blessings Of Eid

islamic eid greeting images

↓ 26 – Light Heartened Moments Of Eid

Islamic Wishes for Eid (23)

↓ 27 – Flattering Eid Wishes

islamic eid greeting images

↓ 28 – Infinite Blessings Of Eid

Islamic Wishes for Eid (25)

↓ 29 – Eye Catching Eid Wallpapers

Islamic Wishes for Eid (26)

↓ 30 – Hand Made Eid Cards To Show Affection

Go get yourself some water colors and paint your heart out to show love to everyone you adore and admire in your friends and family circle. Here are 50 Best Islamic Quotes About Namaz Prayers with Images.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (27)

↓ 31 – Islamic Sayings About Eid

Pray to Almighty Allah as much as you can on the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr and don’t forget to include Muslim Ummah in your Eid prayers.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (28)

↓ 32 – Eid Greetings For Muslim Community

Islamic Wishes for Eid (29)

↓ 33 – Elegant Eid Cards To Share

Islamic Wishes for Eid (30)

↓ 34 – Sophisticated Eid Cards To Share

Islamic Wishes for Eid (31)

↓ 35 – Eid : Festival Of Fast Breaking

Eid-ul-Fitr is the event that Muslims celebrate in the end of Holy month of Ramadan. Muslims all over the world fast in Ramadan strictly and continuously so Eid is the event where Muslims celebrate in joy with their families and with ones who are poor and needy ones.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (32)

↓ 36 – Colorful Designed Eid Card

Islamic Wishes for Eid (33)

↓ 37 – With All Elegance and Beauty Which Eid Deserves

Lantern traditional cards are the one who like to celebrate Eid in a traditional manner. This Eid card will be perfect to gift preferably older family members of the house. The simplicity and elegance of the below card will definitely drive trust and love of yours to your family so why waiting more!

Islamic Wishes for Eid (34)

↓ 38 – Awesome Greeting Card For Eid For Family

Below Eid card is perfect for everyone and will surely ignite the spirtual love for each other on this precious event of Eid.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (35)

↓ 39 – Eid Card Ornamented With Pearls Of Love

A gift has no price and so of love too. Below Eid greeting card is just the right choice for your mother or your Muslim sisters so why taking so long to hug your female moral support.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (36)

↓ 40 – Send Eid Wishes to Your Loved Ones

Eid is our festive religious holiday that is celebrated after Ramadan. Children get Henna art on their hands and feet, they receive lots of gifts. EidulFitr is always an occasion for great fun and celebration. After a month-long Ramadan, everybody looks forward to a great Eid for your this year and many years ahead.

Islamic Wishes for Eid (37)

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