10 Personality Traits Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Every Muslim Must Know

Personality Traits Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). In this world if there has lived a personality who is perfect, faultless, complete in every regard of life, and absolutely ideal as a role model, it would indisputably be Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

He lived his life as Allah (SWT) wanted him to without any hesitation and served as a guideline for the Muslims today on how to live life according to Islam and be successful in this world and in the Hereafter.

He was sent with the responsibility of spreading Islam at the time of darkness when the people practiced idolatry and did not believe in Allah. However, his magnificent character and matchless personality persuaded the people to follow the right path prescribed by Allah (SWT).

What Are The Inspirational Qualities Of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)

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↓10 – Choosing Allah (SWT) Over Everything

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was someone who always chose Allah (SWT) over everything and anything. Whenever he was given any choice between Allah (SWT) and the worldly desires, he would always choose the path of righteousness and the path prescribed by Allah (SWT). He faced a lot of challenges but never backed out because he always believed that the responsibility and orders he was given by Allah (SWT) were much greater than his own comforts. The Quran also confirms that Allah (SWT) ordered everyone to choose Him in every step of our lives. Here are 50+ Inspirational Quotes of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) & Sayings.

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↓9 – Kindness

There once lived a woman who used to throw garbage at Prophet Muhammad (SAW) every day to take revenge for the idols she worshiped. Instead of changing the route Prophet Muhammad (SAW) continued walking on the same street every day so that the woman was not disappointed. He just prayed for her to realize the Truth.

One day, when he did not find her, he went to her house and found out that she was not well. He then went inside and asked about her health and offered to help her with everything until she was back on her feet again. The kind attitude of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) inspired her so much that she asked for forgiveness and embraced Islam. So, we must try to be as kind as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was.

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↓8 – Mannerism

Once Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sitting with a group of people and a poor man came to him and gave him a bunch of grapes. He ate all of them without offering them to anyone. Once the poor man left one of the companions asked, “O prophet of Allah (peace be upon Him) ! How come you ate all the grapes by yourself and did not offer to any one of us present?
The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) smiled and said, “I ate all the grapes by myself because the grapes were sour. If I would have offered you, you might have made funny faces and that would have hurt the feelings of that poor man. I thought to myself that it’s better that I eat all of them cheerfully and please the poor man. I did not want to hurt the feelings of that poor man.”

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↓7 – Equality

Once after a long journey when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions laid off from their rides they decided that they will sacrifice a lamb for their dinner. One by one everybody started taking responsibility for work like:

One of the companions volunteered: “I will sacrifice the lamb.” Another: “I will skin it.” Third: “I will cook it.” Fourth: ” I will….”

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) then said: “I will gather the wood from the desert.”

The group: “O Messenger of Allah, it is not becoming of you to discomfort yourself as such. You rest. We will be honored to do all this on our own.”

The Prophet (S.A.W.): “I know that you are eager to do it all, but Allah isn’t pleased with the slave who distinguishes between himself and his companions, and considers himself better than others.”

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↓6 – Humbleness

Once on a very hot afternoon Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was going somewhere when he saw an old woman carrying her luggage on her head. He went to her and carried luggage for her and asked about where she was going and why? She told him she was leaving town because there is was magician in town named as Muhammad (SAW).

Prophet Muhammad (SWT) remained quiet and when they reached the destination the old woman said,”O, kind person! At least tell me your name!”. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) replied,”I am the person because of whom you left the town.” She was so shocked that such a kind person can never be a magician and so she embraced Islam.

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↓5 – Helping Others

Once Prophet Muhammad (SAW) saw a crying salve while he was grinding grains. Muhammad (SAW) became very anxious and asked him why he was crying. He replied “I am sick. I cannot grind the grain. My master is very cruel and he will beat me if I cannot finish my job.” Listening to this, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) moved forward and ground the rest of the grain saying, “Always call me if you have any grain to grind. I will do it for you.” Also, have a look at  these most inspirational Quotes From The Last Sermon Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

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↓4 – Truthfulness

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was known as Sadiq (the one who is truthful) and Ameen (trustworthy). He faced a lot complications while spreading the word of Allah (SWT) yet he never lied. Even when he was caught up in difficult situations where his truth could lead him to more difficulties, he still never lied and remained truthful.

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↓3 – Merciful

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was never a supporter of revenge and always showed mercy towards others. His enemies always criticized him and never comforted him but he still forgave them and prayed for them. Even when the people of Taif called the children to mock Muhammad (SAW) and to throw stones at him, he remained silent and only prayed for them.

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↓2 – Modesty

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) lived his life very simply, even after conquering Makkah he did not change his lifestyle and remained modest. Umar b. al-Khattab said:

“I entered the Messenger (P.B.U.H)’s house and I found him sitting on a mat. He had a leather pillow stuffed with fibers. He had a pot of water by his feet, and there were some clothes hung on the wall. His side had marks due to the mat that he lay on. Umar wept when he saw this, and the Messenger (P.B.U.H) asked him: ‘Why do you weep?’ Umar said: ‘O Prophet of God! Khosrau and Caesar enjoy the best of this world, and you are suffering in poverty?!’ He said: ‘Aren’t you pleased that they enjoy this world, and we will enjoy the Hereafter?’” [Bukhari]

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↓1 – Generosity

As mentioned earlier Prophet Muhammad (SAW) liked to live simply and thus he had no desire to collect worldly possessions for himself. He always believed that whoever gives in the way of Allah (SWT), He will raise the standards of those and will surely bless them. Abu Dharr (R.A) said:

“I was walking with the Prophet (P.B.U.H) in the Har’rah (volcanic region) of Madinah and we faced the mount of Uhud; the Prophet (P.B.U.H) said: ‘O Abu Dharr!’ I said: ‘Here I am O Messenger of God!’ He said: ‘It would not please me to have an amount of gold equal to the weight of Mount Uhud, until I spend and give it out (in the sake of God) within a night or within three nights. I would keep a single silver piece of it to help those who are in debt.” [Bukhari]

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