40 Islamic Quotes About Lying with Images

Islamic Quotes About Lying. Lying is never justified if it is meant for personal satisfaction, to make yourself appear superior, or to simply deceive or mislead, unless it is done in any life-threatening situation or to not hurt someone’s feelings. Only then can it be said, lying is acceptable.

So Islam here has certain views about the dos and don’ts of lying. With 40 Islamic quotes on Lying with views of Prophet Muhammad, hadith and the Quran itself

Islamic Quotes About Lying

↓40 – The Greatest Of Mortal Sins

Here, in the hadith, it tells us about the greatest mortal sins that a man can commit. And lying is one of them. In fact, lying is the most significant of mortal sins that a man should avoid.

Islamic Quotes About Lying

↓39 – The Curse Of Allah On Liars

The most unfortunate person is the one who is cursed by Allah as he doesn’t deserve the love of his creator. One of such persons is he who lies for his benefits and drives himself away from the path of truthfulness. Such liars don’t get respect in society, also, they are cursed by Allah SWT, the Creator of all mankind.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓38 – The Status of Lying in the Quran

Allah in the Quran Himself has stated that lying is an evil act that should be avoided at any cost. A person who holds the rope of Shahadah is commanded by Allah SWT to negate the worship of false idols and the act of lying together in Surah Hajj. This ayah proves that false evidence, false witness, lying, dishonesty should be avoided in the same manner as we nullify the worship of false gods.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓37 – Why Do People Lie

Liars are the most toxic people who fabricate the truth in whichever manner suits them. In Islam, lying has been declared as the evilest act which breaches the trust and angers Allah SWT. Thè believers are the ones that follow the path of righteousness and truthfulness but stepping on the road towards lying is disobeying Allah SWT and denying His signs.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓36 – Lying Kills the Reason

The road that leads to all evils is easily taken by the ones who drink wine and lose their senses and reason. But a liar whose heart has turned black due to uncountable lies and false words loses all the reason and Iman by the help of his cunning nature. He creates a rift between people and spreads mischief than a man who drinks wine and disables his mind.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓35 – Lying is the Adornment of Shaytan

A believer adorns himself with good deeds and acts that are loved by Allah SWT and keep himself away from such acts that incur sins. Falshood is one of such acts that are hated by Allah and His messenger as it is the ornament that is loved and encouraged by Shaytan. The person who keeps lying for his benefits becomes closer and closer to Shaytan and his evil circle.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓34 – Liars Are Revealed by Allah

People who lie have this notion that this path leads to easy outcome and salvation. They spin the truth and words to make others believe them. But Allah who is All-Knowing, reveals the truth and make the liars evident in front of everyone.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓33 – A Liar is Cursed By the Angels

A liar is so unfortunate that his lies are reached to the angels as well. When he utters false words out of habit to save himself from certain outcomes, he is cursed by seventy thousand angels.

Islami Quotes about lying

↓32 – How Will Allah Deal with the Liars

Allah SWT on the day of judgement will be so angry with the liars that they will be dragged by their forelocks to their final abode which will be Jahannum.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓31 – Fasting Saves the Tongue From Lies

Fasting keeps us away from sins and elevates our Imaan. It prohibits us from committing heinous sins that deviate us from the right path. Those who indulge in lying, dishonesty, Backbiting and other sins, their fasts do not hold any importance in the eyes of Allah SWT. As fasting is not only forbidding oneself from drinking and eating, but it is to protect your nafs from getting lost in the darkness of sins.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓30 – The Liars’ Hearts Are Diseased

Lying is the form of a disease that resides in the hearts of liars and keeps getting bigger and bigger until one day Allah SWT tightens the rope of His mercy and punishes them for their dishonesty.

Islamic Quotes about lying

↓29 – Controlling Your Nafs

Our Nafs, ego, that resides inside us, is the reason why we want to go to extreme lengths for our wishes and whims. It is the collection of such desires and thought that demand immediate satisfaction but Islam has taught us to control our nafs to save ourselves from the destruction and collapse of Imaan. If we let our Nafs on the loose, it will be indulged in sins and disobedience of Allah SWT.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓28 – Telling Lies to Make People Laugh

Lying even in jest or to make people laugh, is condemned in Islam strictly. Prophet Muhammad PBUH has shown immense sorrow and distress for the one who uses the help of lies and falsehood to bring joys and make poeple laugh.

Islamic Quotes about lying

↓27 – Lying is the Biggest Breach of Trust

when someone trusts us enough to have a meaningful conversation, we have the responsibility to take care of the faith they have put in us. But some people do not care about this sacred bond and lie without any reason or for their benefit. This is the most terrible breach of trust because the other person who is believing in our lies has been fooled by the false words without any knowledge.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓26 – Lying and Salat al Shab

The spreader of lies will not receive the opportunity to worship Allah in the darkness of night. He will not be able to experience the immense love for Ibadah, that a true believer feels while praying. The change to offer Salat Al Shab will not be given to him.

Islamic Quotes about lying

↓25 – Hazrat Ali Tells Us What Lying Is Like

Hazrat Ali here has stated what lying is like and what it means for the liar. And the truth takes a whole lot of effort than lying does. As for the trith, we have to bear the consequences no matter how heartbreaking they must be. Whereas lying is the easiest to save ourselves from undesirable circumstances.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓24 – What Telling Lies Can Lead To

Good deeds and good manners always bring wellness and goodness to the people who are faithful in deeds and words. Their Piety, truthfulness and honesty have been promised to be rewarded with Paradise. But the liar who has no respect in this world or afterlife will be doing nothing but paving his way towards Hell.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓23 – The Most Repulsive Quality In A Muslim

Imam Ali said that the most repulsive quality that a person can have is dishonesty and lying. And it is the quality most despised by the Holy Prophet and Allah.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓22 – What Happens When A Person Lies

Liars don’t understand the importance of being truthful and they think their lies won’t be caught by anyone. But the angels that are appointed by Allah SWT for different purposes for us are moved away by the stench of a liar’s mouth. He loses all of the good that Allah offers for His creation.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓21 – Allah is the Helper of Honest People

The honest and truthful people are the ones that are blessed by Allah in every manner. They gain the respect and love of people around them and are loved by Allah SWT too. The rewards for speaking and seeking the truth are promised by Him in this world and the Hereafter. Whereas the liars think they’ll win over the world with their clever tactics and false words, in reality, they lose all the respect in the eyes of everyone and are on the verge of destruction. The liars are so unfortunate as they are cursed by their Creator, Allah.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓20 – Lying Weakens One’s Memory

When we lie habitually, we tend to forget the stories and words that we had used for which matter. And in this way , we lose respect and the curtain is soon raised from our lies. It is actually a divine punishment for the sin that we do by telling lies.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓19 – Signs Of A Hypocrite And A Liar

A Hypocrite is someone who has two faces. He says one thing in front of someone while his heart has other intentions or opinions. In Islam, a person who tells the believers that he has good intentions towards the religion and shows great respect but his heart remains with the Shayateen. He lies, breaks trust and promises and bends the religion according to his wishes and whims. Such a Hypocrite deserves the lowest level of Hell.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓18 – Being Friends With A Liar

Befriending a liar is the loss that the other person has to bear. The false words of a liar put his friends in doubt too as they come to be known as spreaders of lies and bearers of false witnesses. Therefore one should avoid the company of someone who is a habitual liar.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓17 – The Behavior Most Hated By The Messenger Of Allah

The life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the ultimate example of a pious and perfect life. He has taught the whole deen and asked us to stay away from sins such as lying. He was known as Saafiq (the most hones) among his companions. Telling the tales of lies and spreading incorrect rumours, is the most hated act by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓16 – The Outcome of Lying

Ialamic Quotes about lying

↓15 – Liars Don’t Get Allah’s Guidance

Allah in the Quran has mentioned clearly that the liar’s hearts blackens and deviate from the right path. They never receive guidance from Allah SWT as they are negating the His commands.

Islamic quotes lying

↓14 – Small Lies Lead to Big Lies

Sometimes, in a few circumstances, we tell a small lie thinking that it would not harm. But it is the fact that once small lies are spoken, bigger lies make their way too. So, we should not even utter a lie that seems small or harmless.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓13 – Listening Truth Is Nothing But Freedom

Truth is the ultimate answer to all our problems. Because lying leads to heartbreak and leaves a scar on relationships. No matter how painful a truth is, it liberates our hearts from the shackles of lies.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓12 – The True Taste Of Faith

Our Imaan weakens when we disobey Allah. Lying, whether, humorous or serious has become an obstacle in our path. We should hold our tongues when it lies, to enjoy the true taste of faith.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓11 – The Punishment For Lying

On the day of Resurrection, every soul shall taste the fruits of their deeds. A liar speaks false words and they are reported to others by his companions until they are spread all over the world. As a punishment of such a horrendous deed, on the day of Judgment, his cheeks will be pulled from his mouth to ears and his final residence will be hellfire only.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓10 – Lying Leads to Destruction

Liars and false speakers often believe that they will get what they want with the help of building up fallacious rumours and tactics. They believe this will bring salvation but in reality, it is only bringing them closer to destruction.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓9- Lies Against the Prophet

Liars will be punished according to the severity of their falsehood. Telling lies about anything or anyone is looked down upon in Islam. But spreading false words related to Prophet Muhammad PBUH is Haraam and is the reason to be entered into hellfire.

Islamic  quotes about lying

↓8 –  Lying in Selling and Trading

Earning through unlawful means and dishonest ways is condemned in Islam. Such a person will not be looked at by his Creator.

Islamic Quotes about lying

↓7 – What does Allah Say About Being Truthful

We have been commanded by Allah swt to be truthful on every walk of life. Our actions and tongues should always speak of our honesty and genuineness. We should always remain in the company of those who are truthful and trustworthy.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓6 – When is it Permitted to Lie in Islam

There are certain conditions that allow us to take the help of lies.

  1. A man speaking to his wife to make her happy.
  2. Lying in times of war to save from further damage and destruction.
  3. Lying to make room for love and understanding between two pople.
Islamic Quotes about lying

↓5 –  Rewards For Those Who Do Good Deeds

Allah SWT has mentioned in the Quran to reward the people who make efforts to do good deeds and who abide by the commands mentioned in the Quran.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓4 – Liars Are Not Civil

Civility and politeness are abandoned by the liars and they don’t find soft and nice words to say to others. And their relationship with others get affected too.

Islamic Quotes about lying

↓3 – The Biggest Punishment For The Liar

When a person constantly lies about everything to eveyone, the curtain falls down one day and his lies are known to everyone. The biggest punishment of the liar in this world is that even his truth always comes under the light of falsehood. People think hundred times before believing his words and therefore his truth doesn’t hold any importance in the eyes of anyone.

Islamic quotes about lying

↓2 – Quote About Lying in Islam

Islamic quotes about lying

↓1 – Lies Against Allah SWT

Lying against Allah SWT is the evilest lie that one speaks. Fabricating the ayahs and sayings of Allah for any purpose will bring nothing but death to him. And the hellfire will await such a person.

Islamic quotes about lying

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