99 Names of Allah with Meaning, Explanation & Benefits

99 names of Allah: Allah says in Quran, 

“He is the Creator, the Originator, the Fashioner and to Him belong the best names. Whatever is in Heaven and the earth is glorifying him. And he is glorified in Might, the Wise.”

(Surah Al-Hashar 59:24)

This post is going to discuss “99 Names of Allah and its Benefits for Reciting” . which can also be called as “secrets of Al-Asma-Ul-Husna”. Being Muslims, we have a firm belief in the fact that the names of Allah carry many benefits for all of us. Muslims in their prayers on a daily basis read names of Allah for well being, protection from evil, comfort, elimination of poverty, success, dignity and acceptance of supplication.

What are the 99 Names of Allah?

Name “Allah” is the greatest of all names. It is known that the person who recites “Allah” 1000 times will get rid of every suspicion. You should also go through these Quotes That Prove Allah is The Best Planner of All Affairs.

99 names of allah

Let’s get to know about 99 names of Allah:


Allah is the greatest name of all. 

1.  Ar-Rahman

Name meaning: “the most or entirely merciful”. 

Explanation: Ar-Rahman is the most merciful and beneficent who continually showers his endless love over his creation.

Benefit: The one who recites this name 100 times after every prayer will find his memory more feasible. The person will also lose all the burden from his heart.

2. Ar-Raheem

Name meaning:  “the bestower of mercy”.

Explanation: the vastness of Allah’s mercy, He Bestows his Mercy over his Creation.

Benefit: The person who recites it 100 times after fajar prayer will find him away from distress. Moreover, he will be treated graciously by the people around him.

3. Al-Malik

Name meaning:  “the king and owner of Dominion”.

Explanation: the one and only, true and Sovereign King. who is complete and perfect.

Benefit: Recitation of “Al-Malik ” after fajar prayer will make a person rich.

4. Al-Quddus

Name meaning: “Absolutely pure”.

Explanation: the one who is free and pure and perfect from any insufficiency.

Benefit: Anyone who recites it 100 times daily will never come across anxiety.

5. As-Salam

Name meaning: Perfection and Giver of peace.

Explanation: this name refers to wellbeing and protection; As-Salam is free from all imperfections.

Benefit: If it is recited 160 times to someone sick, he will recover from the illness. 

6. Al-Mumin

Name meaning: the one who gives Emaan and Security.

Explanation: the one who grants peace and protection to his slaves.

Benefit: The agony will stay away from you if you recite it 631 times.

7. Al-Muhaymin

Name meaning: the Guardian, the Witness

Explanation: He is the one who watches over his creation and is very well aware of their actions.

Benefit: It should be recited 100 times after bath and two rakats of prayer, it will purify your soul.

8. Al-Aziz

Name meaning: the All-Mighty

Explanation: he has conquered all his creations and all of his creations have submitted to his authority.

Benefit: Respect will be given to a person who recites it 41 times after fajar prayer.

9. Al-Jabbar

Name meaning: the Compeller, the Restorer

Explanation: every action is destitute of his order and he heals the broken hearts.

The person who recites it often will be safe from hardships.

10. Al-Mutakabbir

Name meaning: the Supreme, the Majestic

Explanation: He is superior and no one should be called by this name.

The person who recites it more often will embrace success and respect.

11. Al-Khaliq

Name meaning: the Creator, the Maker

Explanation: He increases his creation which pleases him and with perfection.

Benefit: If a person recites this name 100 times in the time period of 7 days, he shall be guided by an angel on the right path.

12. Al-Bari

Name meaning: the Originator

Explanation: Allah causes things and he orders to carry out actions in a perfect manner.

Benefit: This name explains that Allah has made everything in proportions.

13. Al-Musawwir

Name meaning: the Fashioner

Explanation: Allah creates his creations whatever he wills perfectly and in different forms.

Benefit: Reciting this name 21 times on water and breaking off fast from this water will let women be blessed with a child.

14. Al-Ghaffar

Name meaning: the All and Oft-forgiving

Explanation: he is the one who forgives and accepts the repentance of those who turn to him. 

Benefit: If recited often, the sins of the person shall be forgiven.

15. Al-Qahhar

Name meaning: the Ever-dominating

Explanation: Allah is the one whom everyone including tyrants are humbled.

Benefit: This name will provide the person with inner peace.

16. Al-Wahhab

Name meaning: the Giver of gifts

Explanation: He is the Most Generous and his generosity reaches to all his creatures and slaves.

Benefit: Recite it 40 times after Chasht’s prayer, it will remove poverty and the person will be alleviated from starvation.

17. Ar-Razzaq

Name meaning: the Provider

Explanation: He is the one who sustains and grants his mercy and grace.

Benefit: The person who recites it frequently will be offered livelihood.

18. Al-Fattah

Name meaning: the Opener, the Judge

Explanation: he makes judgments among his servants and grants them mercy.

Success and victory will be given to the person who recites it.

19. Al-Aleem

Name meaning: the All-knowing, the Omniscient

Explanation: Allah has all knowledge and his knowledge extends to everything.

Benefit: The person’s heart will be enlightened with nur if he recites this name.

20. Al-Qabid

Name meaning: the Withholder

Explanation: the Withholder is the one who takes away souls, provisions, and whatever he pleases.

Benefit: Poverty will be removed from the house of the reciter.

21. Al-Basit

Name meaning: the Extender

Explanation: He is the One who extends his hands so that the faithful might repent and turn to Him. 

Recite this name 10 times after Chasht’s prayer and rub your hands all over your face. You will not depend on others.

22. Al-Khafid

Name meaning: the Reducer, the Abaser

Explanation: The One who lowers those He wants via His destruction, and lifts those He wants with His blessing.

Benefit: The needs of the person will be fulfilled by Allah if he recites it 500 times.

23. Ar-Rafi’

Name meaning: the Exaltor, the Elevator

Explanation: It signifies the one who rises, the one who exalts. All-Powerful Allah is Rafi. He lowered and humiliated the ones he desired and he lifted up and exalted those he wanted. It can turn a king into a slave; it can make a slave a king as well.

Benefit: Recite it 101 times in day and night and you shall become wealthier.

24. Al-Muizz

Name meaning: the Honourer, the Bestower

Explanation: He appreciates who he wants, thus none can degrade him; and whoever he will degrade, so that none can offer him any respect. He appreciates anyone he wants.

Benefit: Reciting this name after maghrib after 140 times will make you majestic in the eyes of other people.

25. Al-Mudhill

Name meaning: the Dishonourer, the Humiliator

Explanation: That which generates weak and disgusting conditions. The One who makes shame or humiliation seem. The One whose wisdom creates humiliating and scornful situations.

Benefit: Recite this name 75 times and you will be protected from people who are intended to harm you.

26. As-Sami

Name meaning: the All-Hearing

Explanation: As-Sami is the one who hears. Sami is Allah All-Powerful. Every sound he hears. The lowest noises and the hidden whispers cannot be disregarded.

Benefit: Allah shall fulfill the needs of the person who recites it 500, 100, or 50 times every Thursday after Chasht’s prayer.

27. Al-Baseer

Name meaning: the All-Seeing

Explanation: meaning the one who sees all. Yes, Basir is Allah. He saw everything. From Him, nothing can be hidden.

Benefit: The person who recites it 100 times after jummah prayer, Allah will enlighten his heart and soul.

28. Al-Hakam

Name meaning: the Judge, the Giver of justice

Explanation: Anyone who provides justice to everyone, in every scenario. Hakam originates from the Haa roots, kaaf meem to be able to judge, be smart, make a judgement or prohibit or restrict the misconduct of individuals.. Hakam comes from Haa roots.

Benefit: The person who recites it frequently will be exposed to secrets at night.

29. Al-Adl

Name meaning: the Utterly Just

Explanation: Al-Adl is the one who is highly equitable and fair, who never oppresses, judges righteously and is fair.

Benefit: If you write this name on a piece of bread on Friday, you will find people respecting you.

30. Al-Latif

Name meaning: the Subtle one, the Most Gentle

Explanation: The root laam-taa-faa derives from Lateef and alludes to four primary significances. The primary meaning is to be kind, sympathetic, gentle, loving.

Benefit: Recite this name 133 times to get your settlements done according to your wish and will.

31. Al-Khabir

Name meaning: the Acquainted, the All-Aware

Explanation: If you have anything on your mind, you can be quite silent. Vitalism and passion, inspiring others, prone to bad health, overcoming common sense, impatience and “nerves.”

Benefit: The person who recites it regularly will never engage in wrongdoings again.

32. Al-Halim

Name meaning: the Most Forbearing

Explanation: Haleem is derived from “hilm,” a root that has traditional Arabic connotations: to be forbearant, meek, indulgent, kind, forgiving, soft, conscious, quiet, not hasty, calm, serene, tempered or moderating.

Benefit: Write this name on a piece of paper and keep it in water to sprinkle over things. This will secure things from all damages.

33. Al-Azim

Name meaning: the Magnificent, the Supreme

Eplanation: Azim (also known as “Great” or “Magnificent” or “Protector”) is one of the name of God in Islam. Also called Abdul Azim the “Servant of the Magnificent,” as a short version of Abdulazim.

Benefit: The person who recites it will gain respect and honor.

34. Al-Ghafur

Name meaning: the Forgiving

Explanation: The meaning of Allah was characterised as “the most forgiving.” He forgives a specific sin, whatever big it may be. Al Ghaffar conveys the idea that Allah forgives a person for his wrongdoing continually and repetitively.

Benefit: This name is a cure for fever and headache.

35. Ash-Shakur

Name meaning: the Most Appreciative

Explanation: In “The Appreciative” is translated Ash Shakur. Imam Al Ghazali interprets Ash Shakur in his work “Al-Maqsad al-Asna fi Sharach Asma’ al-Allahu al-Husna” (aka The greatest way to describe the beauty of Allah’s names).

Benefit: The person who recites it 41 times will be relieved from all sufferings.

36. Al-Ali

Name meaning: the most high, the exalted

Explanation: The One who is higher and higher than everyone. The Most High, nothing higher than that. The one with the highest rank and position.

Benefit: The person who writes it down on a piece of paper will have a high rank and success.

37. Al-Kabir

Name meaning: the greatest, the most grand

Explanation: Al-Kabir (Kabîr in Islam), meaning “The great one,” is one of the names of God in Islam. The name Abdul Kabiro “Servant of the Great” is also used as a personal name.

Benefit: The person who recites 100 times daily will achieve respect from everyone.

38. Al-Hafeez

Name meaning: The Guarding one

Explanation: Hafîz refers to the One who safeguards and safeguards it. Māni’ – the One who shields from dangerous conditions and defends them.

Benefit: the person who recites this name to get in the protection of Allah and avoid sins.

99 Names of Allah(38)

39. Al-Muqit

Name meaning: the sustainer

Explanation: The One who monitors everything. The One who protects and protects. He is the guarantor of everything, the visible and the invisible, the external and the inner.

Benefit: Recite this name and do dam on water and give it to a disobedient child.

40. Al-Hasib

Name meaning: the Reckoner, the Sufficient

Explanation: The name is named Al-Hasib in the Quran. He is traduced as one of the names of God in Islam, The Bringer of the Judgement. Abdul Hasib is called occasionally; Abdul’s prefix is a servant that denotes God’s servitude.

Benefit: The reciter of this name will stay safe from problems and difficulties.

41. Al-Jalil

Name meaning: the Majestic

Explanation: The Sublime One, the Good, the One who has power and glory of rank assigned to himself. Allah is Al-Jaleel, the magnificent man and above all, in dignity and dignity. It has all the characteristics of magnificence and majesticity.

Benefit: This name will bring respect and honor to the person who reads it often.

42. Al-Karim

Name meaning: the Most Generous, the Most Esteemed

Explanation: The One who gives the greatest and most valuable reward constantly. A man who is most respected and cherished in his gentle, noble and giving essence.

Benefit: Recite this name a lot to gain respect in this world and hereafter.

43. Ar-Raqib

Name meaning: the Watchful

Explanation: The watcher, the One who has nothing. Therefore, its meaning has to do with the knowledge characteristic. He is all watching, never forgetting what He made. Allah is Ar-Raqib.

Benefit: Recitation of this name 7 times on yourself and your family will protect you from evil.

44. Al-Mujib

Name meaning: the Responsive one

Explanation: One who replies with presents and acceptance to requests, prayers and praise.

Benefit: Recite this name if you want to get your wish fulfilled.

45. Al-Wasi

Name meaning: the All-encompassing, the Boundless

Explanation: The vast, the comprehensive, the expert. Allah is Al-Wasi, who is wise, kind and abundant. He has unbounded plenty and capability, who provides without any expectation.

Benefit: Poverty will be removed from a person’s house who recites it more often.

46. Al-Hakim

Name meaning: The All-Wise

Explanation: Allah is al-Hakeem, meaning the most judgely and wise. Allah is al-Hakeem. He can discern the right from the wrong.

Benefit: The one who recites it will have their difficulties removed from their work.

47. Al-Wadud

Name meaning: The Most Loving

Explanation: It can also be called ‘the Affect’ since it is linked to the term wudd or widd, which means fondness or friendship.

Benefit: This name is effective in removing misunderstandings and disagreements between two people.

48. Al-Majid

Name meaning: The Glorious, The Most Honourable

Explanation: The Glorious, the Glorious One. Allah is the noblest, most majestic, most benevolent al-Majid. He is the one that offers his riches continuously is infinite.

Benefit: The person who recites it will be granted with glory.

49. Al-Baith

Name meaning: The Resurrector, The raiser of the dead

Explanation: The one who decides to wake up and to be sent forth. The one who determines who is going to raise. The One who raises the dead. The Risen One. The Risen One.

Benefit: This name will make its reciter come to the right path.

50. Ash-Shaheed

Name meaning: The All And Ever Witnessing

Explanation: The One who testifies to both the visible and the hidden. The One who knows everything is always happening everywhere.

Benefit: Place your hand on the forehead of a disobedient child or person and recite this name 21 times. In Sha Allah, the person will become compliant. You should also go through these Duas to Achieve Nearness to Allah.

51. Al-Haq

Name meaning: the Absolute Truth

Explanation: The one who acts in line with each situation’s demands. The One through whom is revealed all justice, justice and truth.

Benefit: Recite this if you have to find a lost object.

52. Al-Wakil

Name meaning: The Trustee, The Disposer of Affairs

Explanation: The One and the only one who is able to manage and solve all matters. The one who is the highest trustee, protector and manager.

Benefit: The reciter of this name will be protected from fire.

53. Al-Qawi

Name meaning: The All-Strong

Explanation: Strong—the One who is all-powerful and has unending might. Matîn – Firm – the One with a firm, resolute character.

Benefit: The reciter of this name will be safe from the harm of his enemy.

54. Al-Matin

Name meaning: The Firm, The Steadfast

Explanation: It’s the same as it was yesterday and as it will remain tomorrow. Allah is Almatin which means His strength is unwavering. He is consistent, steadfast and faithful.

Benefit: This name will help one to get over his problems.

55. Al-Wali

Name meaning: The Protecting Associate

Explanation: AL Wali & AL Waaly are Allah Subhanahu Taalas names, Pronunciation is different but meaning virtually similar, AL Wali signifies The Protecting Friend, The Loving Defender, The Nearby Guardian.

Benefit: This name will bring the reciter near to Allah.

56. Al-Hamid

Name meaning: The Praiseworthy

Explanation: The One who is worthy of all praise.

Benefit: The reciter of this name will be praised and loved.

57. Al-Muhsi

Name meaning: The All-Enumerating, The counter

Explanation: Allah is Al-Muhsi, the One who takes all things into account in the cosmos and understands the specifics of each change or instant. He understands all and has all knowledge.

Benefit: The reciter of this name will be provided with comfort on the day of judgment.

58. Al-Mubdi

Name meaning: The Originator, The Initiator

Explanation: Allah is Al-Mubdi, the One who takes all things into account in the cosmos and understands the specifics of each change or instant. He understands all and has all knowledge.

Benefit: The womb (fetus) of a pregnant woman will be protected if she recites this name.

59. Al-Muid

Name meaning: The Restorer, The Reinstater

Explanation: The One who repairs and replicates everything created.

Benefit: Reciting this name 70 times will bring the lost person home safe and secure.

60. Al-Muhyi

Name meaning: The Giver of Life

Explanation: Al-Muhyi means: if you have anything in mind, you can remain very silent. Vitality and excitement, inspire others, prone to bad health, surpass common sense, irritation and the ‘nerves.’

Benefit: A person who recites it 7 times every day will be granted comfort.

61. Al-Mumit

Name meaning: The Bringer Of Death, The Destroyer

Explanation: The Death Creator, the Destroyer, The One who kills those who are alive. Allah is Allah, who gives life and takes it away. He is Allah.

Benefit: Recite this name to destroy your enemy entirely.

62. Al-Hayy

Name meaning: The Ever-Living

Explanation: The eternal life is He Who has a life that doesn’t start or finish. Allah is given a self-supporting existence.

Benefit: Recite this name and you will be granted a long life.

63. Al-Qayyum

Name meaning: The Sustainer, The Self-Subsisting

Explanation: Al-Qayyûm, meaning Allah is the Sustainer of Himself and of all created. It’s the Self-Substantiation.

Benefit: The reciter of this name will remain active.

64. Al-Wajid

Name meaning: The Perceiver

Explanation: Al-Wajid has it all. He doesn’t have anything; He can’t accomplish anything He wants.

Benefit: This name is going to increase the reciter’s heart richness.

65. Al-Majid

Name meaning: The Illustrious, The Magnificent

Explanation: The Glorious, the Glorious One. The noblest, the most glorious, the most benevolent Allah is Al-Mayid. He is the one who offers his riches continuously is infinite.

Benefit: Recite this name to enlighten your heart.

66. Al-Wahid

Name meaning: The One

Explanation: The One and God alone. He’s the one creator from whom everyone comes. There’s no alternative. He doesn’t have any partner.

Benefit: The reciter of this name will be from fear in his heart.

67. Al-Ahad

Name meaning: The Unique, The Only One.

Explanation: The One, the One who was not born and he was alone, the One who has no second, the Indivisible, is used to allude to Ahad.

Benefit: The reciter of this name (1000 times) will be exposed to secrets.

68. As-Samad

Name meaning: The Eternal, Satisfier of Needs

Explanation: The Eternal, the Independent, the Master, who depends on things and turns to needs. Allah is As-Samad, who in times of hardship seeks sanctuary.

Benefit: The reciter will have his needs fulfilled.

69. Al-Qadir

Name meaning: The Capable, The Powerful

Explanation: Allah is Al-Qadir, the strongest, the most measurable. It’s always when he decrees a thing. The will of Allah couldn’t be disrupted.

Benefit: Recite this name to get your desires fulfilled.

70. Al-Muqtadir

Name meaning: The Omnipotent

Explanation: Muqtadir – the One who exercises all divine wisdom, whatever he decides; all-powerful and capable of doing everything.

Benefit: The reciter of this name will come across the truth.

71. Al-Muqaddimm

Name meaning: The Expeditor, The Promoter

Explanation: He who promotes or advances. This includes fostering high-ranking servants with substantial incentives.

Benefit: Reciting this name on the battlefield will remove fear and protect us from harm.

72. Al-Muakhkhir

Name meaning: The Delayer, The Retarder

Explanation: Whoever delays. The one who postpones progress. The one who restrains or prevents something to put it in the right position.

Benefit: The person who recites this name 100 times in his heart will be granted Allah’s love and all worldly desires will vanish.

73. Al-Awwal

Name meaning: The First

Explanation: The One who is the first. The one who existed before anything was created.

Benefit: Reciting this name 40 times for 40 days will bless you with a child if you don’t have one. Moreover, this name will bring back travelers home safe and sound.

74. Al-Akhir

Name meaning: The Last

Explanation: Al-Akhir is the last.  Allah is the One who stays after the death of all creation. The Last One, the Final One, the Ultimate One.

Benefit: The person who recites this name will have a good life and good death.

75. Az-Zahir

Name meaning: The Manifest

Explanation: Zāhir is the outside, the obvious, the observable. 

Benefit: The person who recites it 10 times after jummah prayer, his heart will be enlightened with noor.

76. Al-Batin

Name meaning: The Hidden One, Knower of the Hidden.

Explanation: Allah is the hidden one, but knows every in and out of everything in the world.

Benefit: Recitation of this name for three days will bring truth in front of the reciter.

77. Al-Wali

Name meaning: The Governor, The Patron

Explanation: The one planner of everything is Al-Waali (Wali), the only one. He is very supportive, helpful and a master in everything.

Benefit: This name will protect the house from all kinds of danger.

78. Al-Muta’ali

Name meaning: The Self Exalted

Explanation: His honour is higher than what any one of his creations can imagine or understand, what is described, measured, computed or defined in his creation.

Benefit: The reciter of this name will get close to Allah.

79. Al-Barr

Name meaning: The source of Goodness, The Kind Benefactor

Explanation: The One who is the biggest benefactor, the most just and the wellspring of kindness is Al-Barr. Allah is Allah. He is full of goodwill.  He grants mercy and bestows health, money and pleasure to His people. He’s always sympathetic and merciful.

Benefit: This name is going to bring good fortune for the child of the reciter.

80. At-Tawwab

Name meaning: The Ever Pardoning, The Relenting

Explanation: Allah is the One who is calling for our return, At-Tawwab. He turns humanity constantly to repentance if they travel the wrong road briefly.

Benefit: The reciter of this name will get his duas accepted.

81. Al-Muntaqim

Name meaning: The Avenger

Explanation: Allah is Al-Muntaqim, One who overcomes and punishes His adversaries victoriously. The moment will come when justice must be administered. Allah is most patient.

Benefit: the person who recites this name will get victory against his enemies.

82. Al-Afu

Name meaning: The Pardoner

Explanation: It implies the forgiving, the tolerant, the removing, the eliminating of sin.

Benefit: The person who recites this name will get forgiveness for his sins.

83. Ar-Rauf

Name meaning: The Most Kind

Explanation: Allah, the Most Compassionate One, is Ar-Ra’uf. Everything Allah orders is done with full judgement.

Benefit: The person who recites this name frequently will get blessed by Allah.

84. Malik al-Mulk

Name meaning: Master of the Kingdom, Owner of the Dominion

Explanation: The One who rules and provides dominion to whoever he wants. Allah is the Lord of the Kingdom, Malikul-Mulk. He is the only proprietor of all creation, and may act in any way, any time and anytime with full authority.

Benefit: Recite this name to get respected among people.

85. Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram

Name meaning: Possessor of Glory and Honour, Lord of Majesty and Honorary

Explanation: The One who holds all kinds of goodness, perfection, honour and grandeur, the One who gives generosity and honour.

Benefit: The person who recites this name will get rich.

86. Al-Muqsit

Name meaning: The Equitable

Explanation: The One who is fairest and righteous is Allah-Muqsit. He appreciates and honours the good, whatever tiny, beyond measure. He is the One who guides people towards righteousness and peace.

Benefit: The person who recites this name will get protection from evil.

87. Al-Jami

Name meaning: The Gatherer, The Uniter

Explanation: The one who collects and sets up. The One who makes, arranges and connects.

Benefit: To find lost things recite this name more often.

88. Al-Ghani

Name meaning: The Self Sufficient, The Wealthy

Explanation: The One who is really happy. The One who does not desire anybody. The One who has no dependency at all.

Benefit: The person who recites it 70 times will get free from all needs.

89. Al-Mughni

Name meaning: The Enricher

Explanation: Al-Mughni makes anybody self-sufficient of His slaves. He provides his subordinates liberty and autonomy.

Benefit: The person will become self-sufficient if he recites it for 10 consecutive Fridays (1000 times).

90. Al-Mani

Name meaning: The Withholder

Explanation: The One who refrains bounty from unrighteousness is Allah, Al-Maani. Allah shields individuals from harm and stops unwanted acts.

Benefit: The person who recites this name 20 times before bedtime will have a happy family life.

91. Ad-Darr

Name meaning: The Distresser

Explanation: The only one who does what He does when He will is Abd ad-Darr who bears witness to it. He is the problem solver, the one and only supporter.

Benefit: Recite this name 20 times every Friday night to gain peace. 

92. An-Nafi

Name meaning: The Propitious, The Benefactor

Explanation: He is suitable, the One to whom he wants damage and anyone he wants to help. Without Allah’s will, it is impossible for man to get any good. He is the one who gives every advantage.

Benefit: Recite this name 41 times before carrying out a good deed and you will have success.

93. An-Nur

Name meaning: The Light, The Illuminator

Explanation: The word nūr has been transmitted to many different languages and is Arabic for the term “heatless light.” It is frequently used in the Quran, particularly in a verse that states have been discussed extensively.

This name will enlighten the person from the inside.

94. Al-Hadi

Name meaning: The Guide

Explanation: Allah is Al Haadi, the One who guides his faithful. His guidance is helpful and guards from bad things.

Benefit: Recite this name 1100 times to get your needs fulfilled.

95. Al-Badi

Name meaning: The Incomparable Originator

Explanation: Al-Badi’ The High and Glorious Originator Heavens and earth are the Originators. This name is a meaning of Allah, He Who Comes.

Benefit: Recite this name 70,000 times to get rid of distress.

96. Al-Baqi

Name meaning: The Ever-Surviving, The Everlasting

Explanation: The One who is eternal, infinite, limitless. The One whose life is everlasting. The One who stays eternally, without time.

Benefit: Recite this 100 times every Friday night to get your good deeds accepted by Allah.

97. Al-Warith

Name meaning: The Inheritor, The Heir

Explanation: The one who has always owned all that was and will always be. The One who returns to all goods when the owner is departed.

Benefit: Recite this 100 times after sunrise and you will be free from distress and sorrow.

98. Ar-Rashid

Name meaning: The Guide, The Infallible Teacher

Explanation: He is the one who guides and directs his servants to the right path.

Benefit: Recite this between maghrib and isha prayer to get a task done.

99. As-Sabur

Name meaning: The Forbearing, The Patient

Explanation: He is the one who does not delay nor become impatient.

Benefit: If someone recites this name 3000 times he shall be granted ease.