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      What are some good & trustworthy Islamic charities that we can get involved with?

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      mohammed sister

      Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim
      As Sallam Alikum wa Rahmatullah.

      Islamic Resources by Mail began over 49 years ago when after a sister’s
      gathering a question was posed to ever attendant. What would anyone do should
      job loss, widowhood, God forbid!!! School abruptly ending is an unfortunate that was added to the story …What would anyone do.. Some of the responses were..

      1. Type thesis for the University of WA. Students.
      2 Stay Home.. a Professional Babysitter.
      3. Designing a newsletter that would list those solutions.

      So I circulated the one paged newsletter at the next meeting .
      The resources and referrals took shape.

      For over 25 years there wasn’t a cost to anyone. It’s still a FREE Service. Alhumdulillah (s.p.a.w.t.a.)
      MY business cards are placed strategically with permission of Islamic Centers,
      Business Communities to post. I get the call, asking with sundry “How can I help You”? I often need to ask the caller about
      1. An English Translator,
      2. Shelter
      3. Counseling,
      4. Food,Clothing
      5. Mosque Locations…those that are very hard to find. astagfrullah!!
      Just Call Everything is usually one in a day or so. In sha Allah (s.p.a.w.t.a.)
      which means to the lord of the worlds just one his innumerable attributes.

      Thanks Everyone!!
      Much Peace Peace be upon you.

      Sister Mohammed

      Please join me in a duaa. Bismillah May Allah continue to bless this nobel effort.It’s FREE to the Public.

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