What is Ayat Shifa & 6 Ayat e Shifa Benefits You Should Know

Ayat e shifa benefits: The Covid wave has affected the lives of many. The effects of vaccines and booster shots are torture. The slightest pain or any kind of illness takes a toll on our physical and mental health.

Our daily routine seems like a burden. Doctors are our first go-to option. but alongside we forget there is a much greater power that could heal as well. The power we turn to when we have exhausted all worldly resources.

Illness A Part Of Our Destiny

When we fall ill, the first thought that comes to our mind is how did this happen. We start rifling through our daily lives running down memory lane to see where we might have slipped up, maybe with our diet or not enough workouts. What doesn’t come to our mind is that this is a part of our Qadr, it has been destined to happen.

We should thank Allah SWT, yes that does sound crazy, why thank Allah SWT? Because it could have been worse. The pain makes us turn towards Allah even for a little bit, but it does remind us of Allah.

آيات الشفاء To CURE All Diseases, Sickness And Illness

ayat e shifa benefits

With Covid on the rise, we make sure we avoid gatherings, we are maintaining social distancing, we make sure we use masks and sanitizers anywhere we go. Anything bought from outside has been sanitized. But still, we get tested positive for Covid, it is not because we went wrong somewhere it is because it was destined to happen no matter what.

Maybe this illness is a trial or test to see whether we come close to Allah SWT or move away from Him. You can learn more on this from our previous post on Illness from an Islamic perspective.

ayat e shifa

Belive In Allah SWT’s Power To Cure

It is narrated by Abu Hurairah, the Messenger of Allah said:

ayat e shifa benefits

Verses Of Healing – Quranic Verses of Healing

Quran is full of such Surahs and verses that can heal our spiritual and physical ailments with the help of Allah SWT. Here are such 6 verses from the Quran that are known as Ayat e Shifa (Verses of Healing). These ayahs comprise the root word, either the verb or noun which has not come in any of the verses other than these.

How Many Times And When Should Ayat e Shifa Be Read?

There is no set number of how many times it should be recited, a person should make it a part of his daily routine like the morning and evening dhikr (remembrance of Allah SWT). Don’t just read it when you are ill, make a habit of reciting these verses after Fajr and Asr prayers.

How to Recite Ayat e Shifa?

Just recite it and blow it on a glass of water and drink, or just blow it on your hands and pass them all over your body starting with the head and moving downwards.

What Are The Benefits Of Reciting Ayat e Shifa?

Your belief, in the fact that yes only Allah SWT has the power to cure me if He wills, gets strengthened. And as the name suggests, these ayahs are specifically recited for healing purposes.

The six verses are:

1- Believer’s Contentment Verses Enemies

Here’s a detailed post on Islamic quotes about enemies.

ayat e shifa

2- Seeking Right Direction

ayat e shifa benefits

3- Healing Diseases Through Honey Bees

ayat e shifa benefits

4- Remedy For Believers In The Quran

Here are some more beautiful life lessons from Quran.

ayat e shifa benefits

5- Belive In Allah’s Power To Cure Sickness

ayat e shifa benefits

6- Quran As A Guide And Healer For Believers

ayat e shifa benefits

Last but not the least, the verses should be recited with the firm belief that the Lord of the Universe is capable of doing anything, His treasures are limitless. There is nothing difficult for Him. There should be no doubt that something can’t happen because your doctor said it’s not possible. Allah SWT can make it happen, you just have to believe.

Here is Ayate Shafia with Urdu translation

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